Main Testing Application Thread - rvX


In this thread you can apply for testing the upcoming rvX program.

To do this, please click here and fill it out:


The details of the test are outlined in the questionnaire.

We will contact you through private messaging after we have gone through all the applicants. If you do not get in, do not worry - we have many other interesting tests lined up in the future and we take note of all who applied.

Good luck and feel free to ask questions.


I asked this in the Alchemist thread: is it required to run rvX full-time to the exclusion of any current program or is it sufficient to dedicate only a certain amount of time per day to it while continuing our current stack the rest of the time?


For testing we want our testers to focus fully on rvX.

For normal running it is up to you and the pace you set for yourself - similar for example to Muay Thai Mastery and Sex Mastery.

In both cases you will need to have a dedicated time of practice each day.


Too bad I won’t be able to participate on this test. I am focusing on something else entirely right now. I hope the results are concluding and I will get Alchemist when ut gets out.


Shoot I’m down; I’m about done with EOG ST1 for a whole month. This’ll be a good break for me


Hmm, I hadn’t considered taking some time off between the stages…

I probably shouldn’t. Dang you, temptation! :slight_smile:


I need it; not gonna lie it’s been rough. Besides I’ve needed to be more integrative in my practices. And this’ll be a good mix



For those who haven’t seen, those who test will get rvX for free and a 30% off coupon. We still have spots available.


Oh snap, just saw this. Been really focused on Khan, but would definitely consider taking a break and seeing the potential of rvX.


@SaintSovereign I’m interested, but what’s the expected result for rvX? When you say “remote viewing”, what are you referring to? Because this term is being thrown out there on the net in all kinds of scenarios, but for you is it connected to the third eye and internal vision at a distance? In other words, is the expected perception at a distance supposed to be clear, HD? Or is it more of a military type remote viewing based on a mental perception of a kind of sensing something at a distance but unclear visually (almost abstract)? Or is it something else?


Here’s the definition the consultant provided in the current version of the rvX manual:

Although there may be a number of definitions, one that has been used in the RV field could be paraphrased as: the skills or abilities to attain information about anything at any point in time. Another one that Ed Dames has mentioned is that RV is an attention management skill. Remote viewing in the psi research field is also called clairvoyance. Although “viewing” and “clairvoyance” implies visual information, other information can be attained when remote viewing including olfactory, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic information, just to name a few. Since Remote Viewing can be used to obtain many categories of information (rather than being restricted to visual information) about a target, a more accurate name for the skill of Remote Viewing might be another name such as Remote Perception or Remote Sensing. However, many people call it Remote Viewing because it is more commonly used and more recognizable.


I see, so this is the military type. I’m familiar with Ed Dames and I’ve taken his course in the past. Remote perception or remote sensing is a very accurate description, because the visual perception is not as expected. As in you don’t see clearly as if you were physically there, it’s a bit more abstract.


I definitely want in for this. I got some things I can supplement with this.


Also not being greedy, but I gotta ask anyways. Thought testing was for 50% off codes normally?


You’re also getting an official version of the product, all for being first in line to test a potentially revolutionary product — hence why we lowered the discount.

Come on, gents.


Ohhhhh okay my bad. That works


I remember stories about remote viewing from when I was working overnights at a convenience store and the only thing on the radio was Coast to Coast AM. I wish I could remember the names of the folks they had on the show. It’s Men Who Stare ar Goats about remote viewing?


And I see


Last chance! Decisions will be made tomorrow night.


Shoot I’m ready for this