Main Site Login not working on Q site

When I try to login at:
… it says "ERROR: The username or password you entered is incorrect. ?"

Same login is working at:

@SaintSovereign @RVconsultant

Edit: Working now.

It seems some part of the Q site has been recovered from a Backup.
The modules in my cart are from a couple days back.

All cool though. :slight_smile:


This is happening again. 2 attempts. 8 hours ago, and now.

I will notify staff.

Thank you for posting this.

Have you tried clearing your cache? Restarting your browser? Turning your device on and off?

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I had the same issue as well. Had to constantly make new passwords because it would forget my previous one every time. It eventually didn’t even recognize the email I used prior for my purchases🤔, so I used my other one. This makes me hesitant about logging off the site. Also, will I have to have separate accounts between subliminal results and the main site?

Thank you for mentioning this. I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. Would you please submit a support ticket?