Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


@SaintSovereign - I have this hunch that Emperor Fitness will be announced anytime soon. Any prophecies, @blackadder?


@Fire is building it as I type this. :wink:


aha Emperor Fitness will be available this weekend :slight_smile:


For the first time since Oct 2019, I don’t have the urge to buy a new sub as soon as it comes out. Maybe the reconciliation in me has settled.


Maybe its only because there is no SC Roadmap lined up hyping itself in our brains.
Just EF and Mind’s Eye. (Which are probably not related to your current goals)

So, be careful with that @mecharc.
A couple of announcements or version updates can push us into “gotta try this one out”.
Even worse, positive reviews by 1+ members of ANY product.


Let’s see what happens if I decide to release STARK as a major title. So far, I’m loving this thing.

STARK Thread - team stark now activated

@Simon reconciliation is back


Could you share a little bit on STARK, Saint?
How is it different from Ev4 ± QL? :thinking:


Emperor + Quantum Limitless Core + Daredevil + Primal Seduction: Iron Throne + EoG Core + PCC. Think Tony Stark, lol.


Wow that is crazy lol. Sounds interesting


So @Fire went ahead with what I had asked for in Ev4. :smile:

I had planned to start the Richard Branson stack (Devil’s Gold) before E4 was announced. I was moving to a new place and I’m not ready yet to maximize EOG, so never got around to it. :slight_smile:

Same will be true for STARK. Current E4 is better for me - for now. :+1:


Just great!!!

Just when I thought my mindless sub buying spree was over :unamused:


This would be crazy in the best way possible


I know I’m not maximizing EoG right now either. A lot of internal architecture building going on. Driving my Ferrari uphill in 2nd gear.

Seems to suit me though. (i.e. Slow and gradual build, but not detrimental.) Hope I’m right.


I suggest we allow major users to test Stark before releasing this to the public. How about we make this available to Simon, Myself, WhiteTiger, Raphael and DarkPhilosopher ?.


********** Trailer for Stark **********

Two smartly dressed men sit outside a coffee shop on the hills of montmartre overlooking the city, sipping coffee and stuffing themselves with croissants.

Sovereign “The Pentagon are onto us”
Fire “why”
Sovereign “They want the code for Stark to use on their universal soldier program”

Fire slams his fist on the table

Fire 'Never in a 1000 years"
Sovereign leans back in his chair puffing on his cigar with a knowing smile on his face.

Suddenly a dark shadow fills the air as a swarm of helicopters fly over head. Soldiers begin to parachute down onto montmartre .

Fire : noooooooo !!! the pentagon are here
Sovereign “indeed my dear friend indeed”

****** COMING SOON STARK ******


Universal Soldier = Spartan + Muay Thai Mastery ± Emperor Fitness
(Free tip, Pentagon) :wink:

I won’t be surprised if they start using Spartan Ultrasonic at BUD/S.
Military loves experimenting with anything that can give them an edge.

I’d want @BLACKICE and @Yardbird on the project too.
And @AMASH, he must be done with Honest Reviews of EOG & Alchemist by now.


Bring Blackice and Yardbird onboard both are exceptionally good at documenting their testing.


Simon the biggest challenge will be to get tjw buy in from Sovereign ?. I think it would save him alot of headache if he did not sell to the maases. He might get those selfish customers who demand their money back, get their refund and they get to keep their copy !. SC lose out.


@SaintSovereign, Stark contains Emperor, not Khan. Why?