Main Discussion Thread - Ultimate Artist (Available Now!)



The path of an artist is fraught with blockages. From creativity issues, to the old writers’ block, to lack of motivation, to the inability to get paid for your work and the lack of appreciation…

For this reason we have created Ultimate Artist, a major subliminal that is focused on everything an artist needs to be successful in his or her career, be that writing, painting, photography, acting, music, etc.

Included in Ultimate Artist is the ability to find people, organizations and situations that will help you advance your career as an artist, while also helping you to make the necessary financial decisions to grow your skills and influence as fast as possible.

You will also develop the required state of mind to blast through the negative words of other people who are standing in your way. The naysayers who do not understand your art, the people who say you should do something more realistic – you will develop the frame of a person who will create what their heart desires.

Ultimate Artist will increase your creative ability and skill every day of listening, leading you to quickly start creating masterpieces. You will have an intuitive understanding and guidance of your subconscious mind on how to improve your art while you are creating it.

You will not simply be guided – you will be guided to the best possible ways of creating your art, in a way that is unique to you as an artist. Your subconscious has been an untapped well of mystery, creativity and guidance, containing endless possibilities for artistic mastery, and with Ultimate Artist you will be able to tap into this well.

It is time to open the floodgates of creativity, and start creating.

Ready to start?

Pick up your instruments, and order now.


Thank you for another wonderful subliminal guys.

I’m curious if this has all the modules of Mogul. It absolutely seems like it from the description.


Just bought this. What modules does it contain?

I am figuring some variants on “Limitless” and “Mogul” directed towards success for artists.


@Fire is working on the module list, but yes – both of those are present, and more.


So which technology is used Primal Tech V2 or New Dawn?? Also its a pre-order or I can download the mp3 now??


It is already available. I am listening to the ultrasonic right now.


I assume it’s also suitable for anyone wanting to be a copywriter? Possible the best in the world :sunglasses:?

What I also get from the description that it already contain parts of ascended mogul, to turn your skill into a business, so would it still make sense to combine with AM and or limitless?


Saint has been running this with Emperor and credits that for having his screenplay picked up for a movie, if that helps.


Thank you @Kaprice.

My question was not only directed to my case, but also about defining “art” by itself.For example how would this subliminal effect someone who has a 9 to 5 office job, that is not associated with anything arts.Or can anything be conerted into an artform, even when you work as a cleaner :slightly_smiling_face:

Just my thoughts.


UA is New Dawn or PrimalTek? :slight_smile:


How might this catalyze entrepeneurship, if it is defined as an approach to business with an emphasis on innovation, creativity and flexibility? Essentially, an artistic approach to conceptualizing and developing business concepts.


Will this counter the stereotypical idea of the “starving artist”? Hopefully with Mogul or Ascended Mogul in it, the Ultimate Artist will not have worry about where the next bill may arrive for his artwork.

Also, if somebody wants to produce art for commercial (rather than aesthetic) purposes, will this subliminal help?


Looking forward to the module list


Ultimate Artist alone handles this. When mixed with Mogul or Emperor, this effect magnifies exponentially.


What about with Ascended Mogul?


Yes, Ascended Mogul also – it has the full script of Mogul in it.


I do a lot of drawing and I have been noticing more spontaneity and surety in my process in the week or so that I have been listening to this in and equal dose with Emperor and Spartan.


I have Ultimate Artist running continuously on a loop in the room where I do most of my creative work.


@SaintSovereign @Fire
UA is restricted to arts? Or could help with more technical stuff like learn coding to build an start-up on artificial intelligence?


Limitless + Beyond Limitless would be better suited for that task.