Main Discussion Thread: Seductress for Women



Introducing Seductress: the second subliminal by SubliminalClub specifically created for women. Inspired by the energetic development of Alchemist and the raw sexuality created by Khan, we have further pushed the technology using QuantumTech and accommodated it to accentuate and focus a woman’s natural sexuality to its limits.

Seductress helps to improve and develop all of your feminine charms and physical attributes to boost your confidence, sense of self-esteem, or attract your perfect match. Seductress also enhances your seductive ability, causing the men you desire the most to fall head over heels for you. It can also make you insanely popular within any social circle, as it enhances your natural charm and surrounds you with a pleasant, yet powerful and sexy aura, leaving a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Available NOW.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: to the 3 seconds, I thought this was commandant


Would you have bought it then?


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I think it is a good option for my sister…


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What if my girlfriend listens to this sub?

Is there possibility that she would leave becuz of this sub?


Brah, run Emperor or Khan to make those questions disappear :wink:


I’m going to be real with you, just as I always am. Seductress is a powerful program. It’s QuantumTech. That means your girlfriend will potentially begin to experience unprecedented leveIs of mental and physical change. If you don’t keep up with her increased level of growth, not only is it possible, but it’s expected.

That being said, what @WhiteTiger said holds true. Even if you don’t run one of our alpha male titles, just take action, steadily improve yourself and you won’t have anything to worry about.


@SaintSovereign - The physical changes for women is very intriguing. Is the equivalent for men going to be Khan/Emperor + Emperor Fitness?


@SaintSovereign I’ve often wondered why there are so many different or variations of alpha titles. Is it meant to build open a previous one in a sequential format?


I am a man what will happen if I use this program regularly…will it simply develop my feminine side or will it cause some unexpecting problems ?


And ends up becoming a seductress ?:slight_smile:


At the end your subconcious should be intelligent enough to remember that you are a man. :wink:

But on the other hand it is clearly possible that your feminine side is strenghten.
I did it years ago with hypnosis and subs because i was curious to see how far you can go with it. It realy can affect you in a negative way. Those things are not permanent but i would avoid such experiments now. The feminine and masculine side of the soul is maybe equal and in your current incarnation your masculine side has the control. Who knows how all this is realy working if you see it from a spiritual angle. But what i know is that if you strenghten your feminine side over a normal level this will lead to unexpected and negative results.
I am sure this will lead to a personality disorder.


and dont forget the Blue Oyster Bar :wink:


Literally just thought about Police Academy and this scene in particular lately haha


Yep. Unforgettable and unbeatable. :grinning:


thank you for your advise…


I wonder if male version will be available just with same philosophy behind Seductress. Will it be Primal Seduction V2… or maybe Daredevil is already male counterpart for Seductress… then Daredevil V2 will be interesting.

Just think about this: QuantumTech and AlchemyTech in a new male seduction subliminal. Anyway, experimenting with different scripting angles can be fruitful.


I think women can also use daredevil its unisex.

Primal V2 will use Quantum techology.