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I did get that “I need a shock to the system” feeling once, really wanting to listen to a sub with completely different goals.

As far as adaptation goes, there is of course the basic principle of what you already are doesn’t need to be processed any more. So the more the listener represents what they need to sub to do, the easier the sub is to process. And as a result, the more you can listen to it.

In this I suppose Q modules have a distinct advantage. Once you’ve “mastered” a module, you can switch it out for another one.


What about the sweet spot? Even though we’ve found it we still should try to increase the amount of exposure from time to time, right?


When weight training, it helps to train the maximum you can do once a week, while staying in the sweet spot the rest of the week. That may or may not translate to subs as well. It depends on whether or not listening to subs also over time increases the amount of subs the mind/subconscious can process at any given time.

If our minds actually adapt to be able to process more subs or process them faster, then periodically doing a controlled overload may be helpful.

But right now, the official line of thinking is that a lot happens during the pauses/resting periods. I have no idea if there is an optimal amount of rest which we have yet to discover.


Also taking into account and learning tricks around the limitation of the tendon in relation to muscle. Since tendon will limit the ability to lift harder it is better to say work more often than harder.

Once the muscle size reaches a certain size (Newbie gains), it will generally be much easier to be lazy, since the muscles already “Learned” (Hypertrophy is semi permanent, even under weight loss).

Attempting to maximize hypertrophy before you have muscle cells leads to maladaptive “healing”, more pain after workout doesn’t mean your growing more efficiently, or faster, just shows you worked to your current limit, and the tendon is not the limiting factor.