Main Discussion Thread - Primal Seduction NEW DAWN


Same, need masked


Brief on Primal Seduction (Standard not Iron Throne): a few days ago met (manifested?) young girl, who fully satisfied my sexual desires (and seems emotional too). She literally helped me to go thru my shame emotions, related to sex. I didn’t thought this way before, that the good-old-shame can hinder any progress with sex, well , I knew that on “head” but it was very hot material on “body”. I hope that I’m free now from that. Thanks, guys! :slight_smile:


How long have you been listening to PS?


Since the release. Usage pattern: 1 or 2 times a day or night, sometimes 5 times a row. It has very powerful impact on my psyche maybe because of my psyche/ personality type or that I’m not native English speaker. I wonder if this beast was vocoded in Russian :wink: maybe that could be a different (dramatic) experience.


That would be interesting to see for sure.


Have not had time to update my journal however Primal has taught me how to use my eyes to seduce a woman. Cant really explain it other then its all in the eyes.


It’s the best feeling in the world trust me, your eyes r priceless if u know how to use it right


+1 seduction completed. Total: 4, since started SC subs. Okey, I’m good but subs helped me to go thru my own bullshit.


I do have a one question - module list of Primal Seduction states “Aura New Dawn” sub-module. Would adding stacking Aura module have any additional effect alongside with PS?


It would enhance the aura. To what degree, I’m not sure.


I have a question, as I’ve been reading journals on PS.

Do you feel PS motivated you to move yourself into new situations or settings that you’d never done before?

I’ve used SC subs before, have been on others, and have returned. I’ve been my worst enemy around women, as I seem to consistently turn away from either the women themselves or settings where beautiful women go. I won’t call it shyness, just not really believing in myself. So, I’ve not pursued ANY women in many years. Even my now ex-wife approached me (before marriage), as she was in church, and her history was not spiritual at all :smile:

But has anyone used PS and made significant changes in seeking out relationships?