Main Discussion Thread - Primal Seduction NEW DAWN


I know it’s been a bit quiet here on the forum, as @Fire and myself have spent the past week hunkered down, analyzing NDDK results, Spartan New Dawn and designing / testing other New Dawn results. That being said, we’ve decided that we can roll out our first New Dawn powered subliminal: Primal Seduction.

Primal Seduction is not just a “merging” of the two subliminals. We’re rebuilding it completely from scratch, including all the feedback and requests we’ve received since releasing Sex & Seduction and Primal. This one, we want you to FEEL and we want you to generate solid attraction from women.

Does this mean New Dawn is finished? No – it will always be evolving. However, we believe the core work is complete enough for us to build exceptionally powerful and life-changing titles. Also, due to popular demand, we’ve brought back the objectives and modules sections on the sales page.

I’ll let the sales page do the talking rather than posting the whole description here. Post questions and comments on this thread.

What is Iron Throne?

With the build of this program in New Dawn, does that mean SS and Primal scripts will both get upgraded to New Dawn? :slight_smile:

I will probably run this program during summer time :wink: looks amazing!


The scripts, yes… building them, however, is another story. New Dawn is a nightmare to build, lol. We literally had to split the tasks across two computers, otherwise they kept crashing because the audio files were so big (32gb at one point).


Holy crap!!! I wish you good luck with that, really appreciate the works you guys do!
(By the way, subs have made me so grateful for everything and positive, I always appreciate what people do and am way happier!)


When will it be released?


3.27.19 — one day after preorders end.


So will this replace both Primal and S&S or will they continue to exist as well?


I’d say that they both will continue to exist but that is just my opinion because some people might just want 1 or the other.


Wow that is a huge script lol.


Amazing will this have the masked version ? and can i stack it with aoex spartan ?


Guys i am buying this as i did plan to add SS to my emperor spartan stack end of this week but now i might just wait till this bad boy is released.


Pre-ordered. Okey, lets see what this monster is capable of :slight_smile:


Good job guys.

It sounds good on the product page and based on the modules it appears to be a good all-rounder with most of what I am looking for in a subliminal. I am tempted to pre-order and upgrade from stand-alone primal once it’s released. I get good results with primal though after 30 days, so do you think this would be a big noticeable upgrade from primal for the user?


Yes, it will come with a masked version. Not sure about stacking two New Dawn programs. That’s the price we pay when we want more power. We’ll have to test and see.


Judging on the Spartan New Dawn feedback, yes, it would be worth the upgrade.


Any bonuses or just ultrasonic and masked version files are planned?


Yes, there will be an ultrasonic bonus included, most likely an experimental.


On the sales page it says some of the sub modules are Limitless New Dawn, Emperor LITE and
Spartan LITE. Are these scripts from the original programmes related to seduction for example emperor lite is the romance and alpha male modules taken from the original emperor and put into primal seduction new dawn?


They have been modified to focus on Primal Seduction’s core goal. With Limitless New Dawn, it’s the entire script. With Emperor and Spartan, we’ve taken the alpha and romance scripting of both and modified them to focus on Primal Seduction. Hence why we call it “LITE.” It’s not the entire Emperor or Spartan script.


So with all this awesomeness going on. Will Emperor be getting an upgrade soon?