Main Discussion Thread - Aura (Stacking Module)


@Fire has been working overtime! Introducing AURA, a stack module.

Add or enhance a polymorphic aura to enhance your results in ANY of our subliminals with AURA. For those who don’t know, Stack Modules are designed to target certain issues that you’ve identified with your psyche, or reinforce certain elements of your subliminal playlist.

Aura is scripted to work with your subliminal playlist, regardless of the titles. It’s a polymorphic aura, meaning it adapts to whatever situation you find yourself in and helps achieve the target goal. If you’re running Emperor, for example, the aura may boost your status, causing others to defer to you more. With Primal and Sex & Seduction, the aura will shift to help you attain your romance goals.

As with other stack modules (as indicative by the small “SM” in the upper corner), AURA will be priced at 9.99 and is available now:


Sounds great.Small question what if you stack different subiminals, for example Primal and Limitless would listening to the Aura mp3 boost the aura of both products, or would the effects be diminished?


It will boost the aura of both products, regardless of the stack.


I was thinking about this just today. I think this might be one of your very best ideas!

I noticed people deferring to me more, and more looks from girls. So I believe in the Aura component now. I don’t know how it works, but it is for real.

Just to know, does this Aura module amplify over time, or better to use it only on the days where we might “need it”?

What i mean is, if I used it for 30 days, would it become a bit stronger with time. Or best to use on special occasions and days, for example for seduction on the days the person will be going out.


Also, when you change the covers of the Major Programs to add MP, could you please add something to let us know whether the program includes an aura component or not?

Maybe an “A” somewhere, or a halo or whatever. This is not always clear.


Can this be stacked with the rest of the subs and played as set and forget ?. Or should this only be listened to a fixed number of times a day ?.


I agree, how many times to listen to this one?

Btw, a stacking module for great sleep, high energy during the day, and productive focus to get the results that the major programs are focused on may be a wonderful wonderful thing.

Oh, and a question on the Aura: Is the Aura something they need to be near you to feel, or does it work over the phone or a Facetime call too?


The module will amplify over time as you reinforce the programming. It’ll be something you need to run regularly to get effects from.


Auras are included in the Standard Script. With S&S, that was an additional aura that @Fire made just for that purpose. The module will enhance both.


You’ll need a major program in your playlist for this to work. It’s designed to enhance the auras in the standard script, as well as any specialized auras (like S&S).


Thank you. I was wondering: Does Primal have the specialized aura as well, or is it mostly in SS?

And, a question asked before that is still important: Is there a recommended number of times to listen to this a day (for example rebirth is 1-2) or can we listen to it as many times a day as we’d like?


Love this idea. But what is the difference between this and Libertine thats coming out, since they are both supposed to supercharge the aura.


Libertine is for sex and women and does other stuff too besides auras. I’m pretty sure it’s not a sub either. This strengthens any aura script. Like limitless find a mentor one.


Libertine changes your active state (conscious) for a period of time, and that in turn supercharges the passive state (subconscious). Libertine is a mix between a subliminal, guided meditation, hypnosis track and more.


Aura will come out tomorrow, Dec. 20th. Had to attend an impromptu company dinner.


@SaintSovereign Wow it is so fast Thats nice.
But there is still one question which is not solved yet.
For Rebirth module you said play it one or two loops per day. Not sure I can listen to more of it? Like put on my play list and listen to whole night.
Same as this new module Aura. Is there a maximum loops I can listen to for a day?? Like two loops or one loop


If there is no limit, let’s play Aura all day and become Super Saiyan :laughing: :smiling_imp:



Set the aura module on set and forget and you will have one hell of an aura :slight_smile:


Listen to it as many times as you like. Just make sure you have a major program in your playlist and it’s the dominant subliminal. For example, 4x Primal, 2x Aura. The stack modules support the major programs. They’re not meant to be used alone.


I have always wondered about something @SaintSovereign . It is better to alternative the few related subliminals from here that we are listening to, or better to “back” them together?

For example, with 4x Primal and 2x Aura and 2x SS. Which of these two playlists would be more optimal?