Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)





Quantum Limitless is now available.


first, please do a nice description page when you release it


Yeah baby! Check this out @blackadder


Cover looks nice. :smile:


haha love the title of the thread


Increasing the anticipation! I like this


How soon is “soon”?


Its.coming this weekend guys prepare yourself myself and Raphael are going on a new journey.


@blackadder - haha absolutely. Who are the 2 guys cackling in the background now? Us!


Yes, finally. Very excited!


Oh Come on guys its night time here, how will I sleep now :slightly_frowning_face:


Is it better if you have listened to limitless on it’s own first or can you start from scratch here?


@Joe - you can start from scratch. I haven’t listened to Limitless and will be starting QL when it comes out.


Not soon enough :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


In the Quantum, time is relative.

Which is actually a really funny statement if you were a Mensa member.


Thoughts: Quantum Limitless is not learning only sub. It is much more than it. Advancing human potential in its purest form. I think that Alchemist is spiritual version of QL and QL is all-encompassing program which is aimed to achieve its main purpose (i.e. advancing human potential) in all available way… I estimate QL arrival in 7-10 days.


@Dmitry why 7 to 10 days ?. Why not use the law of attraction anf manifest the product this weekend ?


Who knows maybe it comes out around December. After all this thread is for discussing the hype :smile:


around 8 days seems reasonable


:smile: right! Why wait? :blush: