Main Disc. Thread - Limitless Executive Ultima



The powerful action-taking of the Executive…

The profound cognitive effects of Beyond Limitless…

What if there was more?

Limitless Executive.

Some subliminals just have such incredible synergy, that not only do they keep arising in usage among our private testers, but also our public ones. Similarly to Ascended Mogul, Limitless Executive combines the best of the Executive and Beyond Limitless, creating a potent, focused Ultima subliminal that will push your ambition into overdrive, while supporting it with incredibly rapid learning and cognitive benefits.

With Limitless Executive, you will feel the familiar effects of Beyond Limitless taking hold in your subconscious, rippling through your mind - your full cognitive ability will flourish and you will see for yourself how truly powerful you can be, as your memory, processing, recall, pattern recognition and focus all ascend to the next level…

All while powered by the insatiable ambition and productivity of the Executive, where you cannot and will not stop until all your tasks for the day have been utterly conquered, reinforced with unshakeable confidence and inner power.

Run it once per day when starting out, preferably in the morning (more, if you can handle it). You can listen to it solo, but it is recommended to have a major subliminal to drive your overall progress forward.

If you are ready to be the Executive without Limits…

Order now.


Take my wallet please.

Edit: I was playing cod when I saw this.
This is what I was hoping for when the custom Ultimas came out. I was gonna add Libertine to it.

However I definitely need this for two reasons:

  1. BLU and Executive in one sub? Please!
  2. It supports my goals for the new custom I’ll be making.

Thank you guys so much.


Was trying to create this in a custom
Just 3 question @SaintSovereign
Will we get the in the ultima core on the q store?
Will there be any other combinations like this releasing before end of this year?
Will this be a free download for those with BLU like you said befor?


I wouldn’t be surprised to see this in the Q store when they release the module pack lol.


A ultima like this but with libertine and true social would be pretty awesome too… So is this built on the Ultima + base? This is the ultima you were referring to the other day you were thinking of releasing as an experimental right?


That is true i figure it would bebin the store but before the module pack but it doesn’t matter i guess
i wonder if we will see a commader + executive ultima, that was a good combo


I’ve been thinking the same thing will be great socializing and the aura to boost nice



This just sounds amazing. Sometimes I think to myself I waste so much time checking threads here, but damn. I love this place.


I’m incredibly happy I get paid tomorrow. I was seriously debating running an Ultima with my two loops of Dragon Reborn five days a week and I was going to go with The Executive but not now.


Now THIS is all the more incentive to work all my hours so I can start getting subs again


@realbillperry I am loving Dragon Reborn although today has been tough and I’ve gone back and forth with myself about adding anything additional but this is two Ultimas I love combined


@SaintSovereign Do you and @Fire have an in house copywriter or do you do it yourselves?


I want Dragon Reborn but I also don’t. I am NOT ready for it yet as I’m still nuts-deep into BILLionaire. Once I have DR though, stand back.


Actually, I think I think I want to re-do BILLionaire. Drop EoG1 and use DR1 instead.


I’m def getting Limitless Exec Ultima before DR. I’m stoked for this. Especially if it becomes possible to get this name-embedded.


@Fire writes most of the copy and the majority of the scripting.


Yeah, when I read that I was imagining an experimental :sweat_smile: not a full fledged program. Maybe there is an experimental free release coming up! Usually paid products that are new are not given for free, except The Executive which was a gift :slight_smile:


Interesting combination. I really like the executive because its effects are so obvious to me. Haven’t tried BLU that much before. Noticed that it changed my writing when I used it before working on drafts.

At the moment without Executive I can’t motivate myself to do stuff that I can easily procrastinate on. So it’s really helpful for my current situation.

I just bought LEU and will replace the Executive with it. I can use the BLU effects for my work.


Checks downloads

Nope :frowning:


It was going to be free, but we ended up rewriting large portions of the script to make them more synergistic. It’s essentially a new program.