M50X vs M40x headphones?


Which headphone should I get? Your review would help

Audiotechnica ATH M40X or M50X

I read that M50 x is heavier on bass,. Will that disrupt the scripted subliminals? I’m not even sure if this question makes sense. I ask this coz I read somewhere that, bass boosted headphones add artificial noise, which disrupts the original sound. Don’t know if it’s the case here in case of M50X.

Thanks in advance!


Havent tried those two but quite like my audio technica ath-msr7 which was around the same price as those 2 in my country. Not sure if the same would be true for you.frequency response of 5-40000 and no added equalizer/bass to the sound.


I have the M40X and the bluetooth version of the M50X.

Don’t worry about the extra bass in the M50X. When people say it has a heavier bass, people are comparing it to other monitor headphones. So yes, for a monitor headphone it has a little bit extra bass, but it’s nothing compared to something like beats, skullcrushers and many Sony headphones.

For casual people the extra bass actually makes the listening experience probably a bit better. The only people complaining about the bass are audiophiles who want a completely true sound.


@afc22 which one do you listen to your subs with?


I actually listen with my airpod pro most of the time, simply because of it’s convenience. Otherwise I use my M50X simply because it has bluetooth which is of course much more convenient to use with the iphone 11.

Don’t overthink it, both headphones will be great for listening to subs. After all, both are well respected monitor headphones.


@afc22 Thanks for the advice!

I got the M40X yesterday, but they start hurting the ear after some time.

Is the M50x bt more comfortable? I might go refund mine and get the M50X bt instead.


To be honest, I can’t really give you advice on that since both headphones feel comfortable for me. The only thing I can tell you is that the earpads of the M40X aren’t known for being the most comfortable. You can buy more comfortable ones online if you want. I can’t really tell if the earpads of the M50X are more comfortable since I personally didn’t have much the problems with the earpads of the M40X. Besides that, it has been a few months since I’ve used my M40X, because I still have to change the worn out earpads.

Maybe you should give the headphones a litlle bit more time to break in. It’s not unusual for headphones to be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. After some time they will adjust to you head and will get a less tight fit, maybe they will stop hurting your ears then. However I of course don’t know till when you are allowed to return your headphones.