Love bomb and Khan Anybody?

Can someone give me a good write up on using Love bomb and Khan? Has anybody actually used them together? Specifically Khan st. 1 and Love Bomb.

I should be more specific. One of my hobbies is being an extra in films and tv programs.

Two weeks ago, I was in a tv series as an extra, and the lady in charge of assigning extras didn’t seem to want me in any of the scenes. So I ended up being in only two scenes, far away from the cameras. Kind of bummed me out.
I’m wondering if running Love bomb with Stage 1 of Khan would help?

Wouldn’t Wanted and Love bomb be a wiser choice to get picked, or even Libertine, to get more desired by the casting people?

I have no idea what kind of concoction St1+LB would create, but my guess that you’d get more Khan-ish as the breakdown continues to take place, revealing your Alphaness while love bomb continues to do its original thing. Mind you that Healing, that is ST1 of Khan, could take precedent. Be sure to energize.

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I agree with you on Wanted and Love Bomb, they do sound like an awesome combo. It’s that I’ve committed myself to doing and finishing Khan for better or worse. If I wasn’t doing Khan, I would definitely do that combo.

I admire your resolve :+1:

From what I gather, St1 of the breakdown will be rough, worst case scenario from their mixture is you’d feel weak and lethargic from the healing process. Other than that, can’t see why LB won’t do its thing

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I say go for it. There will be times where Love Bomb will really shine through and you’ll just be feeling that goodness for no reason.

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Hey thanks. I’ve actually finished 30 listening days on Khan TB, I might just add LB to the mix. I plan on doing 60 days of TB…

Will definitely try it!! I hope LB shines through on that day!

Psh, then you got this, man! I thought you’re just gonna start. Looking forward to read your experience.

I’d suggest that you fill your mind with things of loving nature as to project such things outwards when the time comes :slight_smile:

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Thanks guy, will do! Take care!

This love bomb i feel is not for the masculine man please share your opinions.

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I know that when I used the new A Love Bomb for Humanity, one of the things that surprised me is that it unlocked more personal power and masculinity. That’s something I got in my first cycle with it.

I don’t know if it’s masculine or not but sometimes you just need to jump in and try something and note your own results. You might not think something works or you’re sure it will work but in practice it can actually be quite surprising. I don’t know how many times I get to prove my mind wrong by actually trying something and doing it.


Youd be suprised how much personal power and confidence is found in selflove.


What purpose does masculinity serve but to provide for, protect, and serve that which he loves?

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