Loops pausing while listening


Is it bad if you stop a loop half way and continue after an hour for example?


Nope. Not bad at all. For one thing scripting is repeated throughout the track. Also your brain remembers the script so each time you listen it’s building upon itself and strengthening.


Or how about if you have to stop the loop for whatever reason, but when you get a chance to listen, you have no choice but to restart it over? Say I’m currently listening masked on my pc. I then need to go somewhere, so I start listening on my phone. When I get back, my pc restarted because of a damned update, so I need to restart the player again. Then I decide to workout but prefer listening to my workout music, so decide to use audioshare also so that I can play ultra with my music. Would all that mixing and restarting have any adverse effects?


I doubt it would have any negative effect


If the scripting in the sub is being repeated multiple times and your listening to the sub multiple times in the day you are hearing the scripting. It doesn’t matter if you miss some because you already heard it. It’s not like a hypnosis track where you need to be 100% involved and not disturbed y anything.


I do this all the time. Sometimes I stop the sub and then continue, other times I restart. I have been doing this since last year with Subliminal Club products. Everything is going great so far.