Looking for a sub to add that will help me succeed

Greetings knowledgeable ones.

I’m a widow of 15 months and I’m just getting back into my subs.
I bought a few a couple of years ago but never got really serious.
Mostly focused on health and spiritual development. (Chosen, Ascension Chamber, Regeneration, Sanguine- The Elixer, Paragon complete, Rebirth, Alchemist Core, Chosen TWON, Love Bomb for Humanity, Love Bomb, Sanguine - MCBANE ). As you can see. I have a few.

I’m wanting to design a stack to increase my income. To attract clients to my healing business.

Currently listening to Reborn and Alchemist 1, have just started the Masterclass to learn how to use this tech to its full ability. (Originally bought Paragon in the hope it would help my partner heal).

I want to become a magnet for my ideal client. Have people find my free content and sign up for more.

What’s my best course of action? Need income fast as I’m close to bankruptcy.

Thank you :pray:

Edited to add - I’m a female energy healer and teacher .


I’d look into Genesis: Mogul. If you purchased Mogul prior, it’ll be in your downloads.


Thank you @Palpatine for your quick reply.

I don’t have Genesis:Mogul
What I’ve read made me feel it was focused on markets.

My business is very much in the spiritual healing realm.
Will it be best fit?


Mogul is agnostic to the business you’re in. The script is “adaptive”. You’re the one that brings the magic. The subs just prime the pump

It would work for any sort of business.

@Forum_Ambassadors can correct if I’m mistaken or blowing smoke, of course.


Palpatine is right

To quote the Genesis: Mogul sales page:

Please read the full sales page here.

PS: markets don’t only mean stock market. It also means the people you are selling to.


@Lion and @Palpatine thank you.

I was wondering if R.I.C.H. might suit.
But if you feel Mogul will give best and fast results I’ll get it.

What of my current subs (above) do you suggest to use it with? I do need to be magnetic to clients.

Thanks :pray:


LBFH would create an unmistakable aura of influence.

Chosen too. Either or both would be great with G:M


Seconding Mogul.

Play it and then follow the inspirations that come.


Mogul, and if you’re interested, The Revelation Of Spirit as a stack


I’m actually running that, with Nouveau RICH as third sub. Massive clarity regarding what type of business to run and what to stay away from. I’m starting to see RoS as a sort of overpowered Genesis.


Thank you so much everyone for your input.

What do you think of adding heartsong to the stack? Would that help the aura of love, and to attract my ideal clients (as well as an ideal partner when it’s time and I’m ready?). Or is it really only for lovers.

Thank you so much. This community is fantastic. :purple_heart::pray:


Take a look also at Chosen, it can benefit interactions with your clients.


Heartsong is for romance. For an aura of love you can use either Love Bomb for Humanity or Love Bomb.


If u JUST run Genesis: Mogul, u’ll get financial result from that sub FAST.
If u add other subs, u’ll get broad results from all the subs u r running.
If u want income fast, I’d suggest u to just run Mogul.
Then add subs as Mogul clarifies ur path to success.


@Deadpool which chosen?

@Lion thank you for the clarification :pray:

@oloy - is that how it works? Using one on its own give stronger results? Do the others not compliment? I’m still very new to this and am seeking clarification. Thank you.


There are three, Chosen, CFW, and CWON
If someone says Chosen he or she means

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U get faster focused results if u use only one.
U get broader results if u stack multiple.


Thank you for clarifying @Deadpool
I have Chosen. :pray:

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So another question.

I’ve just started back after a long hiatus.

I’m on day 4 of Alchemist and Rebirth.
If I want to start Genesis:Mogul, how do I swap out safely?

Thank you :pray:


If you are only running those two subliminals, you can add a third title into your stack without any issue.

Run it like this:

Day 1: Genesis/ Mogul x1, Rebirth x1
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Alchemist x1

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