Long term sub processing?

I suspended running my stack several weeks ago. For personal reasons. I will resume soon. I was running Emp Q, GLM Q and Limit Destroyer Q. I’m still having crazy dreams at night almost every night. And I still need to take a nap some times in the middle of the day. Could I still be processing the subs so long after stopping playing them?

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Yes of course you can, it usually happens when your subconsious can’t process all the information you input and stops suddently. Your brain is still trying to process everything.

It’s also a natural growth process that you are going through. Let’s say you live a trauma, huge car crash, you pass super close to die… You will still process it even after the event passes. You need some time to grow and process changes!

Nobody here can tell you “how much time” you need, everybody is different. The current guidelines for now are to run your subs for 5 days a week and take two days break! But eventually you find your rhythm, maybe you could add one last week on your break and start again, making sure to include those rest days :+1:


Yep. This is why rest days should be built into a listening schedule. 5 days on, 2 days off and 1 week off every 7 weeks is what I like!

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