Long term strategy with Customs

I appreciate its early days for those who have purchased their customs. As time progresses each of us will have new goals and want to acquire new skills. What will be your approach ? to evolve your existing custom or create new customs that can be stacked.

If one was to continue to evolve their existing custom it may at some point become too bloated and thus it would make sense to create a second custom.


I plan on creating new customs. This one can be foundational but my needs will change and shift as I progress. There’s nothing in it that I regret… but there are other modules I’d like to weave in or have more focus.

Like maybe an ultimate artist + mind’s eye + alchemist st4 combo

Or a wealth focused sub

Or whenever that hair length/growth mod comes out maybe separate out the body mods I already have for healing/recovery + deep sleep and all the feel goody goodness.

And if I ever thaw my cold, automaton heart, maybe I’d be interested in other things.


This was the exact topic I was thinking about. I was going to bring it up in a new topic, but then I also thought, ‘By the time this becomes an issue, it’s likely that Sub Club may have further evolved from where it is now.’. @Fire and @HypeDaddySovereign don’t really stop innovating. Whatever long-term projections I make have to be limited to how things look today in June 2020.

Anyway, just for the exercise of it, here’s what I’m thinking:

The issue for me comes down to the Major Program Cores, and how many of them can be put together in a Maintenance Custom.

A “Maintenance Custom” is my name for a Custom that is specifically designed and intended to consolidate the effects of several separate programs that you have run in the past.

I figured I’d make one in about 2022.

Here’s my plan, for example (bear with me, I haven’t figured out how to say this in just 1 sentence yet). (Also, all of the time-frames are estimates, the real listening time-frames are based on actual real-world changes, developments, and progress):

My Custom A, right now, has the following major cores: Ecstasy of Gold, Stark, and Power Can Corrupt.

My Custom B has the following cores: Emperor Fitness IV and Sex Mastery.

I plan to run these two customs together until March 2021. (So about 8-9 months). Then I plan to introduce Quantum Limitless and Alchemist while continuing to run my Custom A and Custom B.

I’ll listen to all four of these programs (Custom A, Custom B, QL, and Alchemist) for an additional 9-10 months. Then I’ll create a new subliminal that is built around the cores: Alchemist IV and Quantum Limitless IV. That is Custom C. Finally, around that time (which is January/February 2022), I’ll create a fourth Emotional Healing Custom which is built around the core: Regeneration.

So, by March 2022, I’m running 4 Customs: Custom A, Custom B, Custom C, Custom D. I’ll run those for 6 - 9 months.

(By then Custom A and Custom B have been run for almost 2 years. QL and Alchemist will have been run for 1 year.)

And that’s where this is becoming a house of cards. 9 months after that will be December or so of 2022. By that time, it makes sense to me to create a Maintenance Custom. This would be built from the cores of Custom A, Custom B, Custom C, and Custom D.

Custom A: Ecstasy of Gold, Stark
Custom B: Emperor Fitness, Sex Mastery
(These have been run for 2 years 9 months)

Custom C: Quantum Limitless, Alchemist. (Those have been run for 1 year 9 months)
Custom D: Regeneration (Run for 9 months)

That’s a lot of cores, eh? At least 7 (and there are a few more in there that I haven’t mentioned like Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, and Mind’s Eye).

We’re told not to overload the major program cores. But that’s my question. By that time, I’ll be very, very familiar with those cores. I’ve run them all for so long, that they may be smoothly combinable for me.

So imagine if in December 2022, I created a Maintenance Custom that contained the cores from all four Customs that I’ve run up to that point (i.e., 7-10 major program cores). Throw a Terminus2 build on that beautiful creature so I can play one loop once or twice a week. Then add in my extra modules for good measure. Definitely Mosaic to make sure they all play nicely. DEUS so that they continue to grow to God Level by themselves in my mind, and maybe Yggdrasil and Merger of Worlds just to keep the beauty flowing.

The point of that new Custom would be to maintain and continue the processes that have been in place from running these 4 Customs separately. I’d probably run it for 2-3 months. Make sure it felt good, and then move on to the next phase.

If you’ve made it this far and followed all this, you win a :eagle:


I’m thinking of solidifying my current custom such that I can listen to it less regularly (once every week), and once that happens make a new custom to target another area. The next area I am targeting is, as previously mentioned, titled: Lust At First Sight, ***K On First Night. It will be a great, great sub. Very powerful, very efficient. Really terrific, everyone agrees.


If I have a module in one custom do I really need to add it to another of I plan on running the two together?

I am planning to build an aura buster custom so I will be looking to hear thoughts from everyone.

Sounds pretty awesome, I really love the Aura modules here at subliminal club. Looking forward to see you results with it!

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@mnemosyne I like that combo ultimate artist + mind’s eye + alchemist st4 keep us all updated.


What exactly do you mean by aura buster?

@Magneto that makes sense and once you have fully integrated the scripts you can use it as a refresher once a week maybe ?

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That is the plan!

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Can anyone answer my question?

Smart thinking @Magneto

@James I think the real question is how much emphasis or focus do you want on this particular module ?

@honeymonster quite a bit honestly. Just seems like stacking makes a lot of sense as well. Get more done although it will take longer

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@James in that case go for it.

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You got me thinking, what would happen if we had a custom involving:

Sex Mastery
Godlike Masculinity
All 8 Aura Modules
10 Result Enhancers

And we also listen to Libertine as and when needed, such as before we attend Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Coachella.


@Magneto i like this so we have 8 auras ??? holy cow.

Combining all of the Aura modules won’t give you all of the different Aura’s at once though. Rather it’ll give you a combination of all, because A+B isn’t simply A and B but a blend of both making C.


So what do you think would be the result of stacking say the approachable aura with the intense aura ?. Both are polar opposites of each other.

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