Living and Thinking Mathematically with Quantum Limitless



I am wondering how one can learn to think and live mathematically with the help of Quantum Limitless? What actions should one take? What books should I read? Will reading the book or listening to the audio while QL is being played help?

Some of the objectives that I want to get out of QL.

  • Ability to assess short-term and long-term opportunities and risks in a rational, methodological way
  • Being able to forecast the short-term future based on a rational understanding of the most likely outcomes
  • Greater ability to understand and predict human behaviour
  • Ability to construct and analyse multiple mental models and scenarios
  • Analytical ability is aided by perfect recall/memory of all things one has encountered in his life
  • Ability to fully understand the contents of any book with a fast read
  • Ability to hyper-focus and overcome my brain-processing and spatial-coordination problems that affect my ability to drive , dance and engage proficiently in sports. (I really don’t enjoy working out at the gym and would rather do some sport as physical exercise)

If what QL can promise is really true, the trauma removal functions it has is going to help with my self-confidence.

I’ve grown realising that my level of self-confidence is based on my practical abilities to do stuff well, and is not based on simply believing that I am the greatest man in the world.

“All my fear? All my shyness? Gone!”


For everything except your final bullet point there are numerous books you could study to learn about all of that. Definitely reading while listening to QL should boost it but the effects should last while you’re not listening as well. The purpose of the program is not just to boost your potential while listening but to reprogram you to learn at an intense level even when you do have the subliminal playing. One book I can suggest is “How to think like Sherlock Holmes”. There are probably many others that address all the issues you seek to advance your knowledge on. My advice to be to approach the subject that interests you the most and search for books which you find intriguing, then go from there. Often any book you choose will reference other books and you can start doing deep dives from there :slight_smile: Happy learning!


Quantum Limitless ST3 seems to specifically target that issue