LittlePanda's Ascended mogul -> Emperor journey

Hey everyone. I’m a current high schooler and I stumbled upon this site about a week ago as I was looking to take less bullshit from others (aka become more “alpha” so to speak). So, I payed my friend 70 dollars and had him buy me ascended mogul and emperor as these seemed to appeal to me the most. I’m starting off with AscMogul as I would like a slightly gentler introduction to subliminals.

EDIT: In case you didn’t see the thread I’ve transitioned completely to emperor.

What do I hope to accomplish with
I hope that my dating life will improve, and that my dabbles with my friend into stuff like affiliate marketing will be more successful. Ideally, I would also become much more successful socially and lead people/be higher in the social hierarchy.

Journal entry day 1:

Just started listening. Nothing has changed so far lol but I didn’t expect much. I’m playing the subliminal on my XPS 15’s laptop speakers which I hope is okay for the function of it. I have it on loop.

As a sidenote @SaintSovereign would it be okay to make a playlist with ascmogul and emperor together? or is that not a recommended combination? Also, if a loop is interrupted what should I do - should I continue where I was or just let it continue playing while I’m away i.e in the restroom or eating dinner


Another question: If i’m listening to a sub can I use only one earbud in?

While I don’t wish in any shape or form to be your age again (and it was reasonably good for me), I do enjoy an idea about how much different it would be if there were such subliminals that age. Depending on how strong the effects are for you, you might have a life your imaginined best yourself could not even imagine.

Welcome, enjoy and best wishes to you.

Yes. Ascended Mogul and Emperor were made to complement one another. As for missed loops, do nothing and just let ‘em play. I leave my subs running all day, everyday on a loop and just go about my day.


Ah okay thanks for your advice, I’ve so far completed one loop each of emperor and ascmogul, imma just leave it running for the rest of the night.

Welp skipped a day of journaling yesterday, here’s my thoughts:

The night before yesterday’s I played the sub on my laptop speakers and just slept. The laptop was quite far away from me, so that was a problem. I didn’t notice much that night.

Last night, I transferred it onto my phone and my my what a big fucking difference. I could barely wake up this morning - I slept two minutes past my alarm. I felt completely drained today during school, which I take as a a sign that this is working.

I’m planning on asking for a speaker set that can reproduce high frequencies faithfully for christmas. Anyone have any recommendations?


Welp fuck I haven’t posted

I switched to listening on an amazon echo, and I think that it’s affecting my results in a negative way. NO longer do I notice waking up all tired; I feel the same. Man i need a fucking speaker, but then on the other hand I want primal and libertine -_-

Man life’s priorities :rofl:


I’m actually buying a pair of fancy speakers and headphones just to test this. I will say this: I had one of the most profound dreams ever while listening on my girlfriend’s headphones.

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which speakers? @SaintSovereign

as for headphones I have a decent pair; they’re “old” but headphone technology doesn’t really outdate itself.

wearing headphones/earbuds at night drives me nuts though -_- i just cannot fall asleep

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Which speakers would you consider fancy speakers and headphones? Could you give us some examples?

And are the Apple HomePods considered high quality speakers for Subliminals?

Thank you.

More journaling yippe!

Today was the first major change i’ve noticed. I was walking through the hallways and whistling a tune and some girl that I’m acquaintances with (used to be good friends but drifted apart) told me to stop whistling cause it was annoying. Without even thinking I told her to fuck off.

She just immediately backed away - while like this impulsive decision making isn’t the best; I think over time my “assertiveness” will smooth out. It’s like a bird that just hatched out of its egg.


what the fuck is happening to me

Today during lunch some kid was like “hey [edit: language], take this I don’t want it” and gave me a half eaten roll of ritz crackers. Normally I’d just ignore it but today, I wasn’t even thinking and I threw the roll at his head lol. Oddly enough the lunch monitor came over and made the kid who threw the roll pick it up claiming she saw it all and he was the one that started it. So there’s that.

Question @SaintSovereign: If I’m listening to masked at night because I wear headphones at night and the ultrasonic “EXTREME” version during the day, does that affect anything? Also, I’m going to pay my friend some more for him to buy me sex and seduction and primal and limitless and rebirth this subliminal shit is hella legit. This leads me to my second question which is would it be okay if I stacked emperor and primal together or would a combination like emperor and s&s be more ideal?


Woah you’ve been having quite a lot of disrespect from others in this highschool of yours, is it due an incident/scandal in your past or is this how highschool is? Regardless it’s great that you’re reacting better to these situations. Also you can check if the laptop speakers reach you in your bed by using the Frequensee app on your phone to see if you can actually hear it.


Not disrespect lmao it’s just different groups treat each other differently. the social dynamics at our high school are kinda shit - asians with asians whites with whites football jocks with football jocks etc.

I’m able to hear the thing in the bed, but, due to Dell being retarded and not being able to make a laptop that cools properly (xps 15 9570) the fan keeps spinning so it’s super fuckin distracting and half the time I take forever to fall asleep so sometimes I don’t get a complete night’s time worth of loops and I just shut off the laptop


It will still work if that is what you mean. The masked and the extreme version are slightly different, ie masked is standard build and extreme is… extreme.

If it’s comfortable to you, don’t worry, it’s good. You can also play around with it, see what effects increasing/decreasing extreme gives you.


Ah okay @Fire makes sense. As a sidenote, I’ve stopped getting dreams. What the fuck does this mean? I’m super drained though…


It means you’re working through some seriously deep stuff. Expect to have a deep dream in the near future while processing what’s going on.


Oh fuck I didn’t update the title - I’ve gone back to only ascended mogul in my playlist - emperor was just too much for me to handle. I plan on finishing at least 3 more weeks of ascmogul before switching to either Emperor + SS or primal + SS + Aura but I have to get my friend to buy me SS and primal which I will be doing today !


Okay I think I’m ready for emperor. I know i’m jumping the gun, but, I don’t find any resistance when listening to subs (maybe cause i’m young?) so i’ve added emperor to foobar2000 and removed ascended mogul, curious to see how this is.

First thing that I’ve noticed: Sex drive is at 0. Only feel motivated/ambitious in terms of career shit.


It’ll come back. What’s actually happening is that your neediness-based sex drive is vanishing. A lot of people use sex for validation. Emperor causes you to become self-validating, so external sources of neediness become irrelevant.