Listening to two subliminals Emperor and Sex Mastery X – Get Better at Sex


Can I listen to both subliminals at the same time on loop ?



Make a playlist and listen to them one by one. :slight_smile:


I was debating doing that with Ascension , Mogul , and Emperor Ex


I would have thought that listening to ascension , Mogul , and Emperor Ex at the same time would be ok as they are almost similar in terms of the core scripts ?


From what I know it would be okay to put these all in the playlist and listen to them.

The reason why I wouldn’t do this is because the core script of both Ascension and Wealth are already in Emperor, as well as updated technology.

From someone who’s mixed Ascended Mogul with Ascension and Wealth for a period of time, I had much better results just listening to AM for those hours I gave the other subliminals.


good point. I’m probably going to run Emperor Ex for six months straight.