Listening to Q with breaks vs no breaks



I’m wondering if there is a difference between listening to Q loops with breaks in between each loop vs no breaks.

So if 3 loops of Q per day is my sweetspot without getting any reconciliation, should it be possible to hear more loops per day if I put 1 hour minimum breaks in between each loop? So can I then listen e.g. to 6 loops per day if I expand listening time throughout the whole day?

and is it maybe more effective if I listen to the loops all together without any break in between? even if it is in total less loops?


What I understood:

  1. You try to listen as much loops as you can take without reconciliation by building up
  2. Breaks between loops with music, natural sounds, black noise helps
  3. We are supposed to reach maximum loops without reconciliation and add break days. For example you might be ok listening 2 loops every single day but is better to see if you can reach 3-5 loops, listen 4-5 days and then have 1-2 days break.

Again, this is from what I understood reading posts of admins.


At the moment we do not have concrete data about this. And it also may vary between people.

Maybe listening 6 loops spreaded out over a day is just as effective as 3 loops straight. Thats why experimenting to find what works best for you is encouraged.

Also, read up on the Minimum Effective Dose if you havent.


The idea of putting breaks between tracks came into being because we know people are going to be impatient and tempted to go back to 24/7 playing. So by adding breaks in between track or loops we are creating an automatic buffer to compensate for people having ears for subs but not for the instructions that come with the subs. :wink:

Unless we find out differently, putting 1 hour breaks between 3 loops is as effective as playing 3 loops and then taking the rest of the day off.


To be honest a logical instruction will never compensate for all of the indefinable variables. The best way to go about things is to feel into them, use feelings instead of logic.

Listen to a loop, then take a break and feel it out. How are you feeling, is your brain actively processing the scripts and do you feel a little foggy in your head, perhaps you have a little headache, do you feel energized or drained, and so on. If there are negative symptoms of any kind occurring it, then take a break and let it process, once you feel back on top of your game you’re ready for another loop. It’s really that simple.