Listening to Masked version on windows with another audio at the same time


Does this in anyway distort the subliminal?

Eg: I am listening to Alchemist Stage 1 via VLC on a lap top, with some other music via Windows Music Player is playing at the same time.


good question, I am looking for an answer to this question too.


@Sirchiropractixalot - it’s okay to do this. I even watch YouTube or movies while listening to subs from the same speakers/headphones on my phone. This has been answered by SaintSovereign before. Just make sure that the speakers are stereo speakers.


How would I check that?




@Sirchiropractixalot - since I use headphones, I know they are stereo. I don’t know much about the laptop speakers.


the stereo is required only for the masked or even theultrasonic?


@dhc - my knowledge is as follows:

  • for the masked I only use wired stereo headphones (we know it is stereo if it has at least two black rings on the jack). I don’t use speakers for masked.

  • for ultrasonics I use speakers and I usually check the description of the item to see if it is stereo or not. I don’t know if there is another way to find out. And please don’t use headphones for ultrasonic.


i dont use head phones for ultrasonic, i use it on the phone speaker and for masked i used stereo headphones…


Since Saint loves playing them on his phone, which although probably stereo is likely off to side and thus the sound comes from one side, stereo doesn’t appear to be necessary. Maybe it helps though.

On my PC I use foobar for the SubClub audio. I use VLC for video and audio. I also use YouTube and play games. I just make sure the masked sounds are audible. With ultras I just watch that the volume is safe, which easy to do with foobar.

I intend to do the same to my just delivered AliExpress tablet pre-loaded with Wuhan 10… Oops, that’s Windows 10. :wink:

Although the screen protector has one tiny bubble, never know what kind of Chinese lifeforms exist in there…


Fun fact: you CAN use ultrasonic on headphones, just make sure that the volume is very low.


And recheck often! I did it all the time before I tried out listening to masked only.