Listening to a sub with a toddler in the room


My baby girl is 1.4 yrs old. Is it safe to play a sub (masked or unmasked?) at night while we sleep?
Her main languages are russian and hebrew and not english.


Probably not. We have no idea what this would cause


From another thread:


What he said. :wink:

If you do, under NO circumstance run the ultrasonics. It is highly likely the baby can hear them as a high pitched sound keeping her awake and restless.

As for the masked version, it is unlikely to have an adverse effect, but considering she is in a highly suggestive and developmental stage, best to keep the subliminals out of earshot just to be safe. It’s not like any ethical scientist has done extensive testing on the effect of subliminal messaging on infants.

And because Saint said so. :slight_smile:

Russian and Hebrew, at 1.4 years old? Planning on graduating college at 7? I’m impressed, neither are easy languages, thinking and speaking in Russian has even been compared to a good brain-training exercise.


Let the baby listen to QL and she will know 10 languages by the time she’s seven


Hhaha thank you :slight_smile:
But I did not say she speaks both languages, she just understands a bit of what is said to here and speaks just a bit.
But maybe, as @Flake_And_Milk said above, I should let her listen to QL so she actually graduate college at 7 :slight_smile:
Will try and let you know!


These programs are generally geared towards adults.

What is healthy and acceptable for an adult is often not healthy for an infant or even a child.

As an example: exercise is healthy and beneficial for all people, and resistance training with weights can be great for adults. But if children engage in intensive freeweight training, it can have an adverse effect on their growing bodies. It’s not the appropriate level of intensity or type of input for their developmental needs and processes.

The intensity and the density of the subconscious input delivered by subliminal programs may be inappropriate for a developing mind.

In contrast, one interesting point is that there is a type of social-emotional-subconscious contagion that happens between caregivers and children. As an important caregiver who is central in the child’s life, you yourself are going to be a kind of subconscious, subliminal stimulus. This has been pretty conclusively demonstrated and documented. Your child is genetically predisposed and ‘wired’ to absorb influences from YOU.

Thus, what I would recommend is that if you are interested in your child deriving the benefits of a particular subliminal program, YOU listen to that program, and then spend a significant amount of time communicating and interacting with your child. Your adult mind-system will filter the beneficial input and then deliver it to your child in a way that is safer and more appropriate for her.

A little bit like this:

The bird caregiver pre-processes the food (pre-mastication, pre-digestion) and then passes it on to the infants in a form that is appropriate for the infant to process.

Just playing the subliminal might be like the mental equivalent of replacing her milk or formula with a bowl of pasta and a head of broccoli.

haha. Next time the baby is hungry, you’d just toss over a head of broccoli and say ‘vegetables are good for you. Eat that.’ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well @Snaidis, I guess you’ve seen the latest sales e-mail. It talks about playing Limitless v2 for your child (above 13 years of age). So, I guess it’s not quite so extreme as I painted it. Children can listen.

I guess you’d just have to watch and observe closely to monitor how it’s impacting your child.


True. But yes, I won’t conduct any such trials on my daughter. Maybe in a few years, will see :slight_smile: Thank you


The important things to take away with children is to stay away from ultrasonics as they can usually still hear a high pitched sound and it bothers them, and don’t expose them until they’ve passed their formative years. Their brain needs a certain amount of development first.

I’d even go so far as to say that Limitless can be done at an earlier age (I’m thinking somewhere around starting high school), while the sex and relationship subs should wait until they reach adulthood, since they won’t have the emotional maturity to process those well (some lessons have to be learned naturally, with help from parents). Alpha subs can probably start somewhere in between those two. You would need to see how they respond to things like disappointment and losing. If they have the mental maturity to show resilience, they may be ready for alpha subs. If they throw a game across the room because they lost, hold off.

At the risk of upsetting Saint, I would say that just because you read it in the email doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still ask for verification on the forum.