Listening to a fraction of a Q sub


I’ve been listening to 1 loop of StarkQ overnight but while it’s been good subjectively in some aspects (celebrity effect), I’m finding it less on the gravitas side needed for leadership roles. So I want to add the groundedness of a PS/Khan/Ascension to it.

However, this seems to be too much in terms of reconciliation. Can I just run half the track of each (30m by splitting it up in audacity)? If the issue is that Q has too many loops for me, this could work.

I know about listening on alternate days with off-days but trying to find a more set-it-and-forget-it method with Q for me.


PS: I used to get results with 1 overnight loop of the V2 AM for context.

What are you experiencing as reconciliation symptoms?

I wouldn’t listen to half a track, it could lead to imbalances or not the full modules/core getting integrated.

I would pick the sub with the least dense scrip-Ascension in this case
and listen to 1 loop before bed.

1 loop of Stark Q in the morning.

I’ve found a listen before sleep
has me unconscious for most of the unpleasant reconciliation.

This is my opinion and understanding and not an official recommendation.

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Thanks @Azriel.

Reconciliation - physical tiredness, mental tiredness (this is the worst), despair/sadness.

Will wait to hear about splitting. If that’s not an option, I’ll try switching up Stark to either evening or morning.

What are your breaks?
Have you tried listening one day then one day break and so on?

@robin_hut I haven’t tried yet mainly because it’s just easier to have a single playlist played out of habit at night.

I’ve been running StarkQ since April at 1 loop overnight. I recently got a custom with a single core -AscensionQ. Running 1 loop of both seems to create more reconciliation, so that’s why I’m wondering if a half-loop of each can work.

The answer may be “NO” but I think the question is worth exploring :slight_smile:

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Adding another major program with it’s own Masculine Archetype and Goals, will increase reconciliation.

Use Godlike Masculinity instead. And, it’s anyways only 30 minutes long. :hugs:

Ah, thanks @Simon . For some reason, I’ve never paid too much attention to GLM. I guess my thinking is that’s probably covered in larger products, so why add on another.

Gonna look into it now based on your recommendation. GLM Q is only 30 minutes?!? :open_mouth: yay

What results and effects have you noticed that you attribute specifically to GLM?

You shouldn’t split. When some of the shorter modules were updated to Q, they became 1 hour modules because apparently they are not as effective unless they are a certain length. Maybe they build up some kind of momentum.

So no splitting the track. But by all means split the loops.

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