Listening setup for side sleeper


Hi all

I listen to a couple of loops each night.

I’m having difficulties figuring out the best setup. The only headphone I can comfortably use is the regular Iphone headphones which aren’t very good quality.

As far as I understand, the different wireless SleepPhones/buds (designed as a headband) offer pretty low audio quality as well.

Hence, would it be possible to listen to subs on speaker even if one ear is in the pillow?


Yes absolutely

Dw about it (just use sufficient volume)


I used to listen to Ultrasonic because I didn’t want to annoy my boyfriend with the masked sounds - I then switched to masked because I wanted to 100% sure I was hearing what I needed to and not worry about frequency but I did this via headphones…not my favourite. So uncomfortable and would fall out most of the time.

I now just listen via masked off my phone speaker on a comfortable level - turns out my boyfriend enjoys the sounds - he said so last night.

Find which one works for you and stick with it.


It all depends on the sub you’re playing. This goes for both speakers and SleepPhones. Ultimas require higher quality earphones so SleepPhones aren’t really an option here (and some speakers). Same goes for ultrasonic. I believe that both SleepPhones and some low-quality speakers are not able to play high-frequency sound (or if they can, you’d here a bothering popping noise every so often). However, if you’re just playing masked non-ultima subs, then SleepPhones are just fine.


I would prefer to use speakers as well. I have some very good quality (and I don’t listen to Ultima at night).

The only thing I’m worried about is whether I will get any exposure on the right ear, if I sleep on the side and that ear is directly in the pillow.

Any thought?


Your subconscious will hear it regardless if it’s on the pillow or not.


As I understand it, Ultimas should be listened to with headphones because you must have the separation of left and right channel, or with stereo speakers placed at each side of your head.
So i think there are some problems with listening to Ultimas while sleeping. Personally I only listen to Ultimas on daytime because if this.
Please correct me if i am wrong.


No I believe you’re right but he’s talking about normal Q subs, not Ultimas.

I also listen to Ultima’s during the day, I use my Q stack during the night.


Yep talking about regular Q subs here


Then normal speakers should be fine.