Listening Recommendations: What day is it?


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

I have a question about days of listening. In order to ask this question, we need to warp into an alternative reality where I go to the regular store, click on “Alchemist”, and notice to my delight and amazement that this multistage program is available for purchase in a Terminus Squared option.

Cool! A multistage program in Terminus Squared at the regular store!

So let’s suppose I buy the multistage “Alchemist” program in its Terminus Squared format. Now I begin to wonder about how to listen to each stage.

A year ago or so, I think originally we were told with multistage programs, each stage is to be listened to for 30 days as a minimum. Perhaps 60 days for even better results.

So with my Terminus Squared Alchemist Stage 1, if I listen to Stage 1 on Monday, skip Tuesday, then listen on Wednesday, then skip Thursday, then listen Friday, then take the weekend off, then I’ve listened 3 days for my first week.

But am I on day 3 or day 7 of Stage 1 listening?


It’s day 7.

Rest day is part of the listening process as well.


I have asked the same question on another thread. Am guessing there will be a separate “manual” for Multistages and its different build methods (Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared).

And since it will come in a few days (am intuiting maximum a week), you can start using each stage like a single subliminal until SaintSovereign answers this.

Regarding counting days, I feel that @mecharc would be right. You can start off with the assumption of counting rest days until that too is verified by SubClub.