Listening overnight


This is something I’ve thought about for some time, and I want to see how you guys look at it.
I and I believe a lot of other people listen to the subs while sleeping beacuse it’s an easy way to get a lot of hours of listening time. But wouldn’t it be better to not listen to subs while sleeping. Because when you are sleeping it’s the only time you mind has zero or at least very few distractions. Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to give your mind some rest so that it can really process the subliminal without being bombarded with new input from the sub/outside world. To me it sound quite logical, especially your mind process a lot of information while sleeping.

However my understanding from the mind is quite limited, so even though it sounds logical it could be completely wrong.

I’m very interested in what you guys think.


I think @Fire and @SaintSovereign may have the answer to this.

To me, I think it is about having as much time as possible to reinforce the new programming. It might be that when you stop and sleep, rather than integrating the new stuff, maybe the old stuff is coming back to its place. Because it has so much momentum, it is so entrenched, that you need to build a critical mass of momentum before you tip the scale in favor of the new beliefs and ways of being.


I have masked subliminals playing through a speaker in my bedroom 24 hours a day.


Have you guys had issues sleeping well with masked subs? Ive been not sleeping well with AM playing at night and i’m not sure if i should just stop or keep going like it says in the e-book.
It says your bad sleep should stop around 2 weeks.


i’m into my first week of night listening and i also have trouble sleeping i am waking up way earlier and i am starting to feel very tired during the day
i’m running subs to be social and i just dont have the energy to interact with people
i think i’m going to do something like 2 nights listen 1 night off
does anyone else have a faster/stronger heartbeat while listening to the subs? i also had it while listening to that competitor’s subs but with subclub it’s not as strong and draining of energy


I’ve always ended up sleeping longer, between 8-10 hours. On Khan ST1 I slept for 3 and still felt well rested. On ST2 I’m completely out of whack, very glad I don’t have work obligations right now.

But like you said, somewhere after about 2 weeks it starts to normalize. Consider it proof the subs are working.

Of course, if you can’t fall asleep because the subs are too loud, that’s another issue.


Also, keep in mind when you are sleeping, your brain is in theta and delta waves. These are the easiest brain waves for reprogramming your brain. Normally, we operate in beta and maybe alpha (with light meditation). When we are being in programed at theta and delta, things tend to stick a bit more into our subconscious mind