Listening gaps due to travel


I listen to subliminals approximately 17-20 hours a day. Generally when I have traveled I have been able to listen probably 12-18 hours a day depending on circumstances.

Recently I decided to experiment with simply giving myself a break from the subs while traveling. Around Christmas I took a trip and had a full 10 days without listening to subs at all. This weekend I will not listen on my trip. One thing about these listening gaps is that they are irregular. There is no regular pattern. Also, I can easily set my listening up again so that I can listen almost as much as I normally would when I go on a trip.

I have no broad sweeping generalizations to make about this, nor have I really noticed anything out of the ordinary when I resume my conventional listening patterns.


I have experienced the same, no biggie picking up right where you left off.

When these extended breaks happen for me, if one is consistent and getting in a lot of hours over a few months I feel like a lot of subconscious processing and integration happens. These unplanned extended breaks lead to what I’d describe as a permanent leveling up. But only after a consistent and intense run of the sub.


Yes. I have been running the subs obsessively for 18-20 hours a day since Aug. Of 2018. First major break was the 10 day break around Christmas of 2019.