LimitlessQ Journal



I wanted to share my Limitless experience with you guys!

Day 1:

I listened to several Loops overnight and I’m really amazed, because this has been the first time for aageess where I woke up with energy after sleeping for nearly 6 hours only! This is amazing, I used to sleep 10 - 12 hours and mostly wake up in the noon, but wow. I kinda feel motivated too!

** Day 2 :

I woke up after sleeping 8 hours, wasn’t as energetic as yesterday, but its fine.
I feel like having a clear mind. I should add that I only listen to subliminals overnight. So, I listened to LimitedQ & StarkQ which added some confidence.

Day 3::

Yesterday before going to sleep, I decided to read a book, what I usually don’t do.
Feels like my brain’s working the whole time.

Day 4:

Didn’t listen to it, hence I was focusing on StarkQ + StarkQ T.