LimitlessQ: A mental Revolution


Here, I wanted to share the expiernce I had with “The Executive” and “Beyond Limitless”.
I listened to one loop of each one of them for one night, and I was also listening to three to four loops of StarkQ, which btw. also pushes your brain to its max. potential.

So, when I woke up, I had this strange need of reading a book or studying something, and I really have to call it a brain-like errection, because this desire won’t dissapear until you have fed your brain with information about something. I started reading books, became more focused when reading them and just hate being at home the whole time, which is why I’ve been visiting the library, lmao.

Further, I became MUCH better at my job and my boss praised me for being a, I quote: “Genius”, end quote, and I gotta admit that I’ve become much more creative, intelligent, and eloquent than ever before.

So, hence I wanna focus on my studies anyways, I’m gonna make a journey out of it.
My secret formular is:

  • Three Loops of StarkQ (OR EmporerQ)
  • Three Loops of LimitlessQ
  • One Loop of Beyond Limitless Ultima
  • One Loop of the Executive.


Way to go man!!!


Day 1:
I’ve been listening to StarkQ and LimitlessQ Masked overnight. When I woke up early, so I switched to one loop of Beyond Limitless and the Executive. The only thing I’ve been feeling is the need of being productive and useful for society, which may sound crazy, but this is who and what I’ve become. Though I gotta admit that I never liked facing big changes in my life, I now started to feel like an independent adult, who’s gonna say his final goodbye to his youth soon, and I’m only 21 years old.

Further, as it has been mentioned in my previous “Libertine and StarkQ” journey before, I became much more fluent and eloquent, which made people around me thinking of my true abilities. And there is something very important I got to add: If you start listening to this mix, you will become focused on yourself and your loved ones ONLY!!! Everyone and everything which has no place in your life, will probably be polished away.

And I wish I could describe the feeling I have while writing this, but this level of productivity you have in your veins after listening to the mix is quite unique. Try it out if you’re a student or scholar.


Day 2:

Been listening to it in the last few couple of days and I’ve noticed a lot of change when it comes to my personality, abilities, concentration, and my gain to success, which - in my case - is independence and being a genius. It feels like my potential and productivity are rising to an extend I’ve never witnessed before. Further, all of my negative thoughts and other useless stuff that had an effect on my concentration, are just gone. I’m writing this without feeling a lot of emotions, I more-likely feel like a typing robot. When studying, I became more focused, concentrated and my ability to gain as much information as possible has risen. This works, folks.


Day 3: Alright, I’m back and damn, have I been busy. When it comes to productivity, intelligence, eloquence etc. then StarkQ, Beyond Limitless U. and the Executive are great. However, I can’t really say the same about LimitlessQ, hence it kinda doesn’t really do anything. I didn’t feel any change when it comes to my concentration or ability to memorise things. But recently, I had the feeling of being more interested in mathematics and physics, tho I’m not sure if that comes from LimitlessQ or StarkQ.


Oh and btw. what I necessarily want to add is, that last week I was just sitting in the car, waiting for the traffic light to turn green. I noticed a guy getting out of the train, who’s been turning around over and over again, looking on me, he just began to wave, almost like he knew me - almost like I was some kind of authority. I believe that this is was one of the many effects of StarkQ.


Day 4: I listened to LimitlessQ overnight and woke up extremely early, and feel like my brain’s working fine.


Day 5: Once again, I woke up extremely early and felt rested. Right now, I’m kinda thinking of possible activities, to achieve my daily productivity level. <-- Sounds weird, but note, that you kinda begin to “hear” your brain suggesting the best possible way to describe something. I’m surprised!


Day 29: I´ve been listening to these subliminals for almost a month now, and have noticed many mental changes. First, I became quite competent in almost everything I do, and am very focused during my studies and work. Further, my productivity has reached an impossible level. My emotions, who used to pretend reaching my full potential, where gone. Tbh, I kinda began to hate being cold, tho I was pretty good at my studies, because at the end of the day I`m still a humanbeing, innit?

People also notice that I became more intelligent and tbh, one of the best features of limitless is that it kinda makes you forget bad memories, tho I`d recommend to listen to “Limit Destroyer” or “Rebirth” if you wanna get rid of your emotional pain.

Give it a try.