Limitless ? Yes Please!

A couple of days ago I began running Limitless only and since then I have had some of the most out there and coolest dreams I have ever had. This is only from listening a few hours each night. My computer speakers stopped working so I’m listening through the speaker on my Samsung Galaxy S8+. Being someone with ADHD I have always struggled with prioritizing and learning from mistakes I’ve made so I don’t keep repeating the same things and feel as if my life as a year or two long version of Groundhog Day. Reading the journal for @Yardbird and his experience with the Limitless aspect of The Emperor really got me wanting to experience the hyper focus I am capable of. That and I have mentioned numerous times how I want to be the best at my job. I’m improving there but not as well as I want and I feel that there is a couple of missing pieces that for whatever reason haven’t clicked yet for me that is keeping me from being able to earn commissions at this point. I know I am capable of amazing things I just have to do the work to get beyond whatever blocks or trauma I have to make that happen


I’m really happy to learn that my journal was in some way helpful to someone else! I recommend while at work placing your phone on your desk with the Ultrasonic version of Limitless playing on repeat while you’re there your entire shift and then playing it at home however you normally would.

I think Limitless will greatly help you manage your ADHD because during a couple of extremely busy days last week when I had to juggle multiple cases at a time, I was able to keep all the balls in the air, so to speak, and handle everything properly without getting confused.

I wish you great success!


@SaintSovereign I recall you saying that Emperor Ex has five times the input power of Emperor. Is it the same or more for Limitless vs Limitless X ? Also does Limitless do anything for confidence?

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The differences between Limitless and Limitless X is less about “power” and more about effectiveness. One will be more effective than the other. Which, I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t ignore Limitless or automatically assume X is better.

Yes, the Limitless script has scripting to deal with confidence, but mostly in the realm of learning.


Yes, I do run a loop of ssv2.1 / limitless / ssv2.1 / limitless x.

Hoping then to get benefit from both builds of limitless.

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@SaintSovereign Ok I will mix up both versions of Emperor & Limitless myself.Thank you for the clarification

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