Limitless VS Ascension


I want to study and amass much knowledge. I felt such drive whilst on Ascension. But then I was also thinking of limitless. But then I was thinking to myself… I will be misgiving that strong alpha male drive towards my goals that comes with Ascension.

What do you guys think? Which one is better?


Too different as far as goals go, so neither is “better” than the other. Perhaps you really needed what Ascension offered and you were in the right state of mind for it, so got great results.

Obviously feel free to run them together. Just make sure to take some time off from subs every day.

Limitless Ascension is an awesome name for a subliminal by the way.


Remember Stark. Check out the description.


Why? What happened to him? Did he die? :wink:


Spoiler alert?


That was meant as a joke, not a spoiler. I don’t remember the last movie so I wouldn’t know what happened there.

It was more that I didn’t quite got what you meant.


You hit the nail on the head.

Also ascension seriously hit me, it even gave me an extremely subtle dream about my personality. Woke up mad af ready to put people in place and make moves.


Oh, I was just joking ironically. The events of those last two Avengers movie have been discussed and recycled to the point where they are now a fine, smooth puree. It would be very difficult to spoil any of it.

By ‘Remember Stark. Check out the description.’, I was responding to @IcyDreaming

Having trouble deciding between powerfully amassing knowledge (a la Limitless) and preserving the strong alpha male drive (Ascension).

Stark seems that it would satisfy all of that and more.

From the description of Stark:

. We upgraded elements of Limitless, Emperor, Daredevil, Primal Seduction: Iron Throne, etc (thanks to @Simon. after reading his recent post, I’ve gone back to consider the description more thoroughly.)

charisma and personal magnetism is awesome, but without intellectual competence, it’s ultimately shallow. That’s why we rewrote Limitless and other scripting related to increasing intelligence and productivity from the ground up,

StarkQ will help naturally uncover your true self and your charisma, genius, and your very own unique gift to the world

and so on.


@Malkuth @DarkPhilosopher @Simon I need you guy’s opinion.

I, as a man. Am confident, and strong.

But what is most fucked up about me is that I get something akin to a panic attack when I try to raise my voice. Or rather, speak up. Or try to call the man across aisle, I feel as if I need to walk up to him and whisper. Like a bitch. I know for a fact that its from my continuous childhood trauma of being always told to shut up and shut down WHENEVER I raised my voice to defend myself.

What do you guys think is the best subliminal for crushing this trauma? As I was writing this, I got reminded of regeneration. But I don’t want to do that subliminal, I think that sub is lame.

What do you guys think, which sub should help me?

To reiterate, I don’t feel fear at all in holding eye contact or walking up to confront someone who did something clearly wrong (if you removed raising my voice out of the equation, so what I’m trying to convey is, what sub is good to go after speaking up traumas with surgical precision)


bruh, you might be stronger and more confident than I am. probably are. so, yeah, this is opinion, not advice.

releasing trauma is often more like getting a massage, or relaxing in a hot tub, and less like punching through a wall. (that’s not always true. Sometimes we can apply a laser focus, and kind of burn through a fixation. but I think that’s less common.)

I’m just answering intuitively here. That’s kind of the best I can do on an online forum.

My intuition says, get familiar with your breathing.

Your breath is involved in the situation you’re describing. It’s not broken. But there’s probably a tightness. Check to see if it’s getting constricted. But you want to check before the event that usually triggers it.

Develop a relationship with your breath.

What else.

Relate to yourself, even the scared parts, like you are a proud older brother. You’re proud of your little brother’s potential, and you know he’s got something really special, and apart from that, you just freaking love the dude. You make sure that nobody, including you, crowds him or crushes him before he’s had a chance to come into his own full power. He (those vulnerable parts of you) will feel doubt from time to time, and he’ll wonder if he’s ever going to get there. But there are other parts of you that know he’s going to get there. And you can accept all of him, doubts and all. That doesn’t make him a bitch. And you’d fuck up anybody who suggested that it did. (Obviously, don’t turn around and do the same thing to him yourself.)

also, singing and exercise will probably help.

the answer to trauma is safety. When we face overwhelming force, we freeze. For survival. And sometimes we get stuck that way. You’ve got to give yourself permission to slowly start moving again in an atmosphere of safety.

Realize that the parts that caused you to freeze up, are the exact same parts that are fucking strong. They are working to protect you. They’re like soldiers who sensed an invasion and put the whole area on emergency lockdown. Once they’re satisfied that the ‘coast is clear again’, they’ll switch to reinforcing your outgoing strength.

You’re not fighting against yourself. You’re working with yourself.


That was fucking beautiful.
I love you. I would hug you irl.



you’ve got this