Limitless variants in other subs


If I am understanding correctly most of the subs have a stripped down or Lite version of Limitless directed at developing a sort of genius for that realm of knowledge in one’s life. I know Emperor has a stripped down version of Limitless directed at developing the knowledge of the skills needed to develop the Emperor’s Realm in one’s life.

Spartan has a Limitless Version for physical healing, fitness and fighting.

I am just curious about how these different variants of Limitless interact with each other. It seems like there could be some greater whole that evolves from the catalyzing force of these different Limitless variants in one’s life.


We add enough of them together and we achieve the Limitless Singularity!

Perhaps that’s why they called it Quantum Limitless. It defies standard physics.

I know, doesn’t add anything to your post, sorry. I just got the image of all different Limitless modules coming together to form a spontaneous Limitless consciousness and I couldn’t resist it.