Limitless or something else?


I just wanted some confirmation on Limitless and finding other subs…

Currently running Emperor and Limit Destroyer, and from reading the forum Emperor apparently has parts of Limitless in it. Is this true, and would I need limitless if this is the case?

I’ve really been struggling to learn and remember choreography (I’m a dancer), especially when performing - I also wanted to be productive and stop procrastinating.

Also, I wanted to be more creative with making choreography and all that stuff.

Can anyone recommend what would be the best subs have?

I want to keep Emperor and Limit Destroyer as I feel like they’re helping, but don’t want to add too many subs in to my playlist.


There are three choices you have:

  1. Limitless- quick results for learning anything in general

  2. Quantum Limitless- results that take time to manifest but are more deeper and comprehensive. This too can be used to master anything

  3. Ultimate Artist- this is targeted to learning art. And in that respect, I am guessing that dance also qualifies under it.

Ultimately, you will have to choose which route to take. You will have to read the sales page for each and decide


The latest stable version of Emperor (v4) has an up to date version of quantum limitless in its scripting


This brings up a question, and it might be an odd one. My wife is on QL to counter the cognitive effects of MS and so she can learn a new job quickly when she gets one. She’s going to be on stage one for quite some time since her brain needs extensive repair (to whatever extent it CAN be repaired). Would it be worth it to stack regular limitless with at least the first stage of QL so she can have whatever quick results she can get along with the deeper healing results. We want to be sure she’s ready when she needs to be, and have the deeper results too.


I ended up choosing to buy Limitless along with Beyond Limitless as they were the ones that stuck out most to me after reading the sales pages. I think I’ll use it as a foundation before I go into QL and possibly Ultimate Artist.

I bought it last night and had it running on loop on Ultra Sonic with Emperor, running them back to back. Hopefully it’ll help for sure.


I see! So, I actually don’t need QL yet and that I would be fine with just Emperor? Regardless, I bought Limitless and Beyond Limitless to add to my programs.


Correct! If you are going to use limitless v2 in your stack I would suggest trying out both v3 and v4 versions of Emperor. V3 had the same scripting as limitless v2, v4 is quantum limitless tech. That is not to say they aren’t compatible but some were, by nature, designed to be slightly more compatible


Amazing, thank you so much.

I’m running Emperor V4 along with Limitless V2 on Ultra Sonic as we speak and have been throughout the night.

Quick question, I have Limit Destroyer and Beyond Limitless too now, as these are stack and super charger programs, how often should I run these in comparison to the major Programs?


For superchargers: the are two main ways to use them. The first is to listen 1-3 times in the morning and/or before bed. The second is to use it just before the intended activity (ie using libertine before a date). If you are looking to increase your overall creativity with BL then use the former. If you’re using it to prime yourself before a creative experience (listening right before you begin painting, etc) then you would do the latter. There’s also nothing to say that you can’t also do both methods for greater exposure.

If I remember correctly, Limit Destroyer is in both Emperor and limitless. The standard is about a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of main titles vs stack programs. So for every 2-3 times you run Emperor/limitless you’d play LD once


@themichaelbrandon - Limitless + Beyond Limitless is an excellent choice.


@COWolfe - since I have not used both Limitless and Quantum Limitless together, I don’t know how the effects will be. Will QL overpower L or work in a complimentary way is something I cannot answer. Worth a shot though.


That makes absolute sense and I appreciate the instructions for sure. I’ll be sure to use BL in both instances, it makes sense that way. But definitely before I need to choreograph. I think it’ll help massively. I’ll keep that in mind about LD too, I think I’ll play it once or twice now as I’ve been using Emperor and Limitless over night and during the morning.

Thanks for the help!


Thanks for helping me choose them, I thought I’d be better with both - especially if QL is slightly part of Emperor anyway.