Limitless in Emperor Question


This is a question about the Limitless component contained within Emperor v4. I’ll try to describe this in a straight-forward, specific manner in order to get the most appropriate responses.

I work in a (somewhat) specialized field (Not in the sense of medicine or engineering, but in the sense of anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc. By ‘specialized’, I just mean a field in which professional licensing or graduate training is usually required to find work.).

In my case, after I completed training, I moved to a different geographical location where I’ve worked over the past decade. Due to local regulations, if I had stayed in my original location, I would have taken a final licensing examination, but because there were different standards in the place I moved to, I was not required to do so. Subsequently, I got busy with my job and did not prioritize the examination.

Now, in order to feel a greater sense of freedom of movement (maybe you can see where this is going), I’m choosing to complete that licensing process. (In other words, this is a potentially important element of my Emperor goals. Licensure would expand the number of places where I could work, and would contribute to my sense of autonomy, freedom, and self-determination. I think it might also contribute to my entrepreneurial goals to a certain extent.)

So, the question: would the Limitless component contained in Emperor v4 give sufficient support for my process of preparing for the licensing exam? Is this actually the type of purpose for which that Limitless component was intended? What’s the merit of introducing a few reps of the Limitless v2 program?

(My core stack right now is Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor. Anything else that I add has to fit on top of those. Also, I listened to Limitless v2 for 2 months, October and November, during the time that I was in Stage 2 of Ecstasy of Gold. So I have some background. Finally, ever since that sales e-mail went out, last month I think, I’ve started playing Limitless v2 (ultrasonic) for my son at night, and so I might actually already be taking it in that way. We’re in the same room.)

Thank you for any responses.


I am closely following your question. The limitless part of EV4 is mighty interesting to me as well.


It seems like so many of the subs have a more focused Limitless variant. I keep wondering if and how they might beneficially catalyze less specific, more generalized learning and thought processes.


@Malkuth Curious if you ever got an answer to this question (outside of this post, of course).

I’ve been running Emperor and Stark for the past 3 weeks and I can definitely notice improvements in the intelligence department…well, at least in the memory department. I keep surprising myself by remembering things that I thought I had forgotten. Specially happens with names. It is very noticeable, specially in the past week or so. I keep coming up with answers like I pulled them out of my ass, or so I “conciously” think until I confirm they are correct. Like my wife would ask for someone’s name, or a book, or movie and I would just answer on the spot. The answer would come out of my mouth even before I can make the concious effort to remember. It’s amazing.

Not sure how much stronger would Quantum Limitless be in this area, but based on my results so far I can’t wait to find out. The minute I’m done with Emperor and Stark that’s the next thing for me, probably on its own.

Also, wanted to ask you, do you notice anything in your son since you’ve been exposing him to this? Is it generally safe? If you don’t mind me asking, how old is he?


Actually, no @Ichiban, and I still have the same question. (Still planning to take the same exam.). Thank you for bringing it up again. Guess it’s time to tag @SaintSovereign, @Fire, and @DarkPhilosopher.

Any insights from any/all of you on the question in the first post in this topic? (in brief, is the Limitless in Emperor sufficient to support exams/licensing related to business-building and professional development?)