Limitless executive zp- run it once every day? Or cycle

Hi Community!

The instructions for zp outlines that for a sub stack we should do the following:
Day 1 - sub 1 and 2

Day 2 Rest

Day 3- sub 3

However in the description for limitless executive - it states to run once per day in the morning.

How would you advise I go about running limitless executive zp?

Is limitless executive a stack that can be separate from my core 3 subs?


That’s outdated and still there from the time it was an ultima title. All ZPs should be run every other day.


Remember to read any instructions that come with your ZP purchase or update. Also you could run LE the same day as your custom.


Thanks @Extraordinaire I had the same question. @SaintSovereign maybe the description on the sales page need to be updated?