Limitless Ecstasy Of Khan


Many discussions between myself and amash. Even more thoughts what should I do but suddenly something clicked today. How can I even think about swifting my focus to fitness when I am not fixed financially for life? How can I have made 7 figures the last years and not only have zero dollars saved or invested but I am in a debt? Apparently there are beliefs that are holding me back but I don’t know what is holding me back to be honest?

Do I spend a lot of money? Yes. Do I spend a lot of money without any real reason? Yes. Did I lost money ‘’helping’’ other people? Yes. Did I got scammed multiple times? Yes. I am hardworking but it seems I am mentally weak on the financial management. It seems EoG is my best bet. I don’t want to drop khan or limitless so this is my listening routine starting on 6th October 2019

4.5-6 hours Khan

7.5 hours Eog or more

3-4.5 hours of Limitless

That is the best way I could think of not dropping khan and still running limitless. Limitless is included in both Khan and EoG. I think I can rip some benefits even with less exposure of only 3-4.5 hours

First target for the first four months is clearing my debt. I don’t really know what is holding me back and why I behave like this with money that I earned with really hard work but I hope I can change it

Alongside I will run 1x Beyond Limitless before work or sleep and 2x Legacy before work and before gym


When it comes to finances, I’m the other way around, completely disciplined but no 7-figure income.

Good luck, they make for an interesting combination, especially during ST2.


Thank you very much

Khan ST2 was very difficult for me. I am glad i dont have to do it again and definitely not looking forward for EoG ST2 if it is similar to Khan’s haha



I AM FUMING. I am very angry with no apparent reason and i am smoking. A LOT MORE


Day 1 of ST3? Or what is your playlist at the moment @rising?


I dont use playlists as most people

In the morning i listen 6-8 loops of Khan ST3 currently at 287 hours
Then mixing Limitless 4-6 loops with EoG ST1 8-12 loops



EoG ST1 makes me tired when working. I had a dream about me and my father fighting to the point of manhunt trying to kill each. I feel irritated most of the time. Sleep is very bad and i only slept two hours yesterday

Productivity is through the roof. I took on a project that i was bored to do for a long time and i finished it today morning



From extremely productivity to extremely laziness. I was sitting around doing nothing and i felt my brain foggy. Sometimes forgetting what i need to search

On the other hand i had some quality time with my woman

I had a dream that i was playing football back in school. I love football and i didnt play for a long time

Hitting 300 hours on Khan ST3 and 35 days of listening. Moving to ST4 today

Spartan’s absence is obvious. Not in the fitness department but how strong it made me mentally while working. It was more difficult to have negative emotions and i wasnt tired unless i worked many hours. Now i am getting tired much faster. Faster even before using Spartan


This is going to be very interesting! What will adding a new breakdown stage to a current multi where one is on ST3 or ST4 be like?

As far as I know everyone who is combining multi-stages is synced up ST1 with ST1 etc.

I’m currently on EoG ST3 which has been very smooth and wondered, even was tempted, but not going to do it, what starting Khan right now would be like.

Can’t wait to see your progress!


So far i have 2 very productive and the rest were very productive in the beginning but i crashed and binged movies after the first 4 hours in the following days which is VERY unusual. I am frustrated all the time and i am getting tired faster while working. For example yesterday. I slept one hour, i started working and i felt tired after 2 hours which never happens. It could be that my nutrition is still shit or i dont use spartan or EoG working on myself or altogther

I already ran adequate time on Khan St1-2-3. I dont see why i should. Eog’s St1 has nothing to do with Khan St1 and i doubt the interfere

If you can manage to run only 1 sub that is amazing. I cant resist the temptation. I want them all :smiley: Even more…more…more :smiley:


Three major negative things

  1. Highly irritated
  2. Bad sleep. Not running subs during sleep. I usually sleep 5-7 hours and i feel rested. Most of the days 2-3 hours and i feel tired since started EoG
  3. Bad performance while working


Good studying performance


I did notice a different experience when combining Khan & EoG. I am doing identical stages which has a tendency to send me from one end of the spectrum (hyper-active) to the other end (TV binging). And ST3 is the strangest, it did not motivate me at all.

Because I felt so little on ST3, I added Alchemist ST1, which is now completely overwhelming the other two.

So I do think there’s something going on when you mix & match them…


First two days i was highly productive. Next days i did some things for the first hours of the day but then binged standup comedies and movies

I started khan st4 and feels light. I can feek something changing inside me while running st4. Notnsure what yet


Considering switching to EoG st3 or st4 thoughts?


I am a ticking bomb the past few days. I am trying to sleep without subs and exposure took a big hit since i am not at home all day

My rage when working increased significantly comparing to running spartan. I feel the same anger and hate i felt when started because everything was so difficult. I am motivated by this hate but it is too much sometimes

I guess EoG is working some internal stuff if i feel like this. No dream recollection even though i am sure i have some

In my mind i hear do spartan, drop eog, maybe drop khan too, add khan who need eog, add everything back, take a break