Limitless + Ascension Stack


Hello everyone,
I’m a freshman pursuing a computer science degree, hoping to become more productive in my classes and ascend as to an alpha male in all aspects of life. Thus, I decided to run Limitless and Ascension together and this is my current stack:

Limitless X(ultrasonic) x3
Limitless (ultrasonic) x3
Ascension v2(ultrasonic) x3
Godlike Masculinity(ultrasonic) x1
Rebirth(ultrasonic) x1

Night (Sleeptime):
Limitless X (masked) x3
Limitless (masked) x3
Ascension v2 (masked) x3
Godlike Masculinity (masked) x1
Rebirth (masked) x1

I use masked at night as ultrasonic sits somewhere between -70 and -60 db on my phone speaker.

As I get my time management intact and build some good habits, I’d like start an online business while in school so I would like to hop on Emperor 2-6 months from now. Would that be a good idea?

I’m also interested in women, but it’s not a top priority for me right now. Maybe I can run Primal or S&S in tandem with Emperor in the future.

I would love to hear your inputs on my proposed stack and my plan for the future!


Looks like an interesting stack that should help you reach yiur goals.


Your stack is great and should move you toward your current goals. In the future when you decide to run emperor, if you want pickup/seduction sub then the latest heavy hitter Primal Seduction is probably what you want to look at