Limit Destroyer Ultimav2 + StarkQv2 Journal + RM

hey i made this journal since im starting new on this sub with the ultima version

i just maybe 6 loops yestrday when i was asleep

woke up feeling super “pumped” very easy going

now im feeling withdrawl

i slept while putting on some sennheiser hd 4.40 i think it ran 5 loops or maybe 6 loops not so sure

now im feeling some withdrawl which is okay. letting go is helping

i know for a fact that i am not the emotion i am the observer and i am the soul that is experiencing this realm, kinda uncomfortable but its alright

im also gonna do The Presence Process

Book by Michael Brown

which is a 10 week program that removes past traumas and everything ive done a lot of self healing but theres always room to heal more or lets say some traumas or some child experiences that hasnt been dealt with

thats pretty much it

im excited for the long run this is gonna be huge for me


im gonna write down here what im feeling with some wisdom that comes with ease spontaneously

:smiley: cheers

So that’s the only sub you’re running, right?

Why Limit Destroyer only?

What kind of limits do you expect of Limit Destroyer to remove?

yes and i think it will be enough for now

cause i believe that once you remove limits within you can then transcend and achieve anything

its hard to explain what i want to remove really hard and weird i think of myself as very complex i cant sometimes express myself well enough so people can understand

but im excepting it to remove some limits that i dont know about that i falsely believed that is a part of who i am. also some fears that i have

my main thing is that once i destory every limit that is blocking myself from being the true nature of i am i can achieve anything, thats how i see life

also im not gonna just depend on it

The Presence Process

Book by Michael Brown
is a huge healing book, it changes lives, a 10 week program with breathing exercises

makes a new version of you. theres always room to remove some small traumas that is hidden


That’s cool but the number of loops you’re running is really high, especially for Ultima. You may experience reconciliation that is usually related to unpleasant experiences:

yeah im starting to figure that out

im thinking of reducing the loops but it might be just cause this is my first time

so im gonna run the same loops for tomrrow ill let it play untill i wake up

if i feel like what im feeling now ill reduce the loops

maybe i can digest that amount of loops and its just the 1st of listening effect and its normal to feel what im feeling

Remember, less is more. I personally notice that my best results are on very few loops. More loops does not equal more results, its quite likely that youll get a lot less results aside from recon on to high loops.

also how can i know if im over listening ? is there a way to know?

or it might be just a regular withdrawl

experimenting right?

it says 3 loops are fine in a day for ultima

i guess im gonna try for tomorrow im gonna sleep at night and leave it play and ill see if i feel like im feeling right now, if yes ill run less loops ill run probably 4 or 3

but last night i think it ran 6 loops of 5 not so sure

The manual was created when ultima V1 was still the only version. Right now V2 is 3x as strong as it was back than. The technology keeps advancing very rapidly and the listening instructions cant really keep up lol.

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i guess with that thing said i have to experiment thats how i will learn

how many days does withdrawl stay with you? so i can know if im overlooping or its just regular withdrawl?

Should be gone fairly quickly, after a few days of rest it usually is, but youll have to see for yourself when the headaches or whatever you feel stop.

ooooooooo so thats a good sign, when i have headaches thats when im overlooping great to know!

im seeing now changes im feeling slightly better

so headaches are like one of the extreme symptoms that means that youre overlooping and its not healthy

what other extreme symptoms that might occur ?

i deeply appreciate it budd

Exhaustion, anxiety, irritability, feeling zone out, feeling you want to give up on the sub…

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Some major signs when doing too much is becoming impatient with the sub I’m listening to. My mind begins creatively imagining how “some other sub” will make life good again. That’s a classic recon symptom here at SC.

And like @Voytek said, wanting to give up. Saint says recon is “sneaky”, which in my experience is true. I’ll be grumpy, but find every other reason why, instead of…trusting the wisdom of veteran listeners. One loop of LDU works for me since it’ll still affect me for days. I’ve done 2 in a day along with a loop of my normal sub, and recon happened. It wasn’t obvious though, which is why I wasn’t seeing it for what is was.

Sneaky is the word. It’s happened to all of us, which is why we speak up. We may sound like people just giving you crap, but no. We’ve “been there, done that” already. And recon sucks, from my experience. The newest versions of SC subs (Qv2 and Uv2) are very powerful, hanging with a listener for days.

Yesterday I finished a 7 day rest period, and yesterday I experienced an activation of a core I put in my custom. This was my first experience doing such a long rest, but wow, it showed me a LOT. Allow time for these subs to digest, and you’ll experience some amazing awarenesses.


You should run a major sub along with your ultima it will be more useful that way… You could try out Ascension or if you are into healing maybe Regeneration for a few good months

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Lol that change subs gets me all the time :confused:


wow im tottaly lost in this sub relam

dont know if you tried like crystal meth or any amphetamine . i used to 2 years ago

but it feels the same what im feeling

going through app and app wanting something to fill you out

feels like acid withdrawl, feels very taxing

i dont think mine is sneaky at all hahahah i can feel it and i know that
i felt like i choose the wrong sub too,

how do you run like 2 loops? im going to bed tonight and i wanna run 2 loops or maybe 3 LDU but i cant through my iphone i have to repeat them untill i wake up i cant just select a number of loops

i think LDU is a major sub if you run it for 3 loops a day or 4 i read from @SaintSovereign

i dont have anything specfic to be honest im running LDU as a beginning to the sub realm

this is the opener then ill get other stuff once i see results cause its really weird how this works

5-6 loops of a v2 sub–imo–sounds painful. Your brain is trying to process all the information. I’ve found it to be like your brain will store all that info–but you will feel bad when you stop listening (rest days) and your subconscious begins to unravel it, digest it, and process it.

I can hear a mod saying now “take some days off and let it settle. Start back with a single loop a day and allow your brain to soak it up. In a week, IF you desire, you can add another loop”.