Limit Destroyer Q masked--lower volume than other Q titles


I was writing here, running StarkQ masked on my PC, and I’d put a single loop of Limit Destroyer Q masked to follow it since I wanted to keep in that mindset.

When LDQ came on, the volume was significantly lower, where I had to put my volume from 35% to 45% on VLC to match the volume of StarkQ masked.

Thought I’d let you know.


Everything built under Q has the same volume now - I’m guessing you’re running the original Stark file which had a higher volume. Download it again from your account, the new file should have the same volume as LD.


Thanks @bujin :slight_smile: I will do that.

I remember reading that post weeks back, but I was running ultrasonic, so I dismissed it. I’ll redownload it now.