Limit destroyer or Regeneration


After the latest posts in Alexander’s journal I decided to focus on some of the limiting race believes I have. Would Limit destroyer help better with resolving these believes, or will the more extensive healing of Regeneration be of more use? I would be running one of these besides Emperor.


Limiting beliefs ? Then use limit destroyer


Yeah that would be the obvious choice. I can see Regeneration being helpful aswell, but it’s a full program. In this case a module has my preference, I will probably go with Limit destroyer. Was just intrested in whether or not Regen would give additional benefits for this case.


@afc22, have you already upgraded from AM to Emperor?
Do you have clear written goals?
Is there actually any specific action that you are NOT taking because of race-related beliefs?

SubClub subliminals tend to interact with whatever seems most important to work on in the moment.
Randomly running Limit Destroyer will not automatically attack race beliefs if they are NOT currently top-of-mind, and affecting current goal achievement.

Similarly, Regeneration works more holistically on the unconscious vulnerabilities that get in the way of you being a powerful & integrated man.
It will also attack what the Subconscious deems most necessary at this time. Not specific to race.