LibertineU vs. PSITU?


I know this has been touched upon but I was hoping @SaintSovereign or someone else could elaborate on the differences between Libertine and PSITU, and situations they would be most appropriate / effective for?

Would it be redundant to run them both on the same day?


Saint answered this before


So it seems PSITU is more all encompassing, since it has Linertines Aura, but the aura may be more subtle or take longer to execute since there’s more in there?

That’s my understanding based on this post. If anyone wants to clarify this please do!


Libertine is an Aura, which does work on its own right. However, it would be lacking if you didn’t have “game” – techniques and strategies. PSIT on the other hand, is a tool that would endow that game, it works on your personality. Think of it as preparation and training. If you have had enough time on PSIT you could use it as a refresher while using LU as the primary.

Yes, it would be less powerful, since PSITU has many other modules and cores in it; you would get less effect of LU; works the same way with other titles - Less script density would result in a more focused effect; E.G: take AM vs Ascended vs Seductress vs (major title with Ascended) OR Primal vs PS vs PSI, OR PS vs Sex Mastery vs Sex & Seduction.