Libertine Ultima

Holy Smokes folks,

I had taken around a 3 week break from all subs and self improvement in general. Just kind of going with the flow and just live life sort of thing. A nice break

I got an email about Libertine Ultima and thought hold on, Look at these testimonials. What have I been missing this last month over at subclub? I have Libertine maybe this is a free upgrade.

First of all I was expecting a 10 minute meditation, not an hour long sub. But, I’ve listened to it the last 3 mornings on my sunrise walks.

Definitely notice a lot more glances and lingering eyes from women I pass. But surprisingly, and I can only attribute it to the sub, I’ve had two situations out in public where I stood up to complete assholes who were treating others disrespectfully. Today I was at a store and this older guy was berating the check out girl who was probably still in high school or college working a summer job. I told this guy to back off and we got in an argument for a few minutes but eventually he backed down.

This is huge because normally I avoid controversy and confrontation at all costs. Twice now in the last 3 days I have full on confronted people and been in the right as in they realized they were fucking up when I called them out.

Nothing has changed in my routine except trying out the new Libertine for a few days so I don’t know…


I remember one other member saying he felt dominant after running the new Libertine so I wonder if there’s some type of alpha scripting in it.


I’ve had theorie about these behaviours in one of my post in the libertine thread. Seems like libertine boost your sexual energy to project it outward. Sexual energy and libido can also be seen as some kind of life force that makes you “more alive”.

Libido is strongly controlled by testosterone and dopamine. We had this theory where dopamine and testosterone increase as a byproduct of increased sexual energy by being exposed to libertine.

Also, testosterone is linked with more dominant behaviour and dopamine is linkes with dishibition.
@user9437773791397760 talked a lot about the effect of dopamine in the libertine thread.

Anyway this is just theory, but testosterone’s dominance and dopamine’s dishibition could be partly responsible for you “acting” more on your values.


Very interesting stuff @GoldenTiger !

Today is day 4 and unfortunately I’m so busy with work it’s hard to get out.

I did walk to a local takeout lunch spot and I was feeling what I define as true alpha. Enjoying life, no cares, far less anxious thoughts than usual, loving the sunny day.

I’ll say that I’m getting a lot more people having longer than usual small talk with me, I’ve gotten a surge of comments on Instagram. And old acquaintances have been out of the blue contacting me after months or more.

I really enjoy this sub.


I’ve also heard from speaking with a scientist before that the Test/Dopamine combo; or rather the presence of both being high within a male is a biological ingredient for “bad boy” behavior.

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Bad boy :sunglasses::sunglasses: yeah!

By the way, is there a listening schedule for ultima? I usually have trouble to listen to multiple loop of ultima!

For Ultima Titles:

Ultima titles are boosters, but many of them — like Beyond Limitless — can be run as a major subliminal. These titles are exceptionally powerful. Start with one loop in the morning and one loop in the afternoon. Careful, Ultima titles can cause restlessness and insomnia. If you CAN run them at night without issues, run 2-3 loops overnight. They’re best used during the day, however.