Libertine Ultima + Stark + BLU. Journal... Let the heavens rain down their blessings

Awesome thank you, Btw if I want a sub for money as well what would be good.

I work as a self love coach/Self employed, I was thinking of Mogul, Would that work well with libertine?

Stark Q, Ascended Mogul or Emperor will work better with Libertine.

For entrepreneurship and Romance I think Stark Q will be best for you!

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Awesome thank you was thinking of Stark, Since I love iron man

Just got stark Q too, Libertine already charging sexual enerrgy.

Instructions are a bit unclear though, Should I use stark terminus or stark normal?

Stick with normal. New instructions coming soon.

Been using stark and libertine ultima for three days now. Made 2 loops of Libertine and 3 of stark every day.

I’m getting more motivated and more focused. The energy surge from Libertine is insane. I woke up in the middle of the night to write down all my goals. Then remove all but five like warren buffet said and forget about them.

I took a walk and saw a girl riding a bike, Got deep eye contact with her, and she almost fell off the bike.

Somehow my Tiktok went viral too, Or well pretty viral. Went from 0 followers to 200 in a day. Which is super cool because tons of potential clients to help on Tiktok.

I have been avoiding going out because I recently quit nicotine(World’s strongest nicotine pouches). So have avoided walking past stores that have it.
I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.

I’m also doing semen retention atm, And just circulating the sexual energy in the body instead—tantric practice.

Thanks for a Great Sub :slight_smile:


Update just sold my first course ever. :smiley: MONEY IN DA BAAANK


Day 4. A very cool thing happened yesterday. Did a online coaching call on the hill outside yesterday. And every single girl that walked past stopped to admire me.

One of the girls even had a dog and it just laid down on the grass next to me refusing to move.

Libertine plus filling all your body with sexual energy is insane. Probably gonna go to a bar tonight and try it out :slight_smile:


So I went to a bar yesterday drank 3 beers. Started to feel high levels of anger. First outward like why is everyone so afraid of this corona. I can’t even approach girls at a bar without guards telling me to sit at my table.

Then later it turned inwards I was angry at myself that even though, I have done so much inner work and feel so high levels of joy. I gotten thrown out of nightclubs sober multiple times. Cause they thought I was on E.

My outside world is not even close to where I want it to be. First I was just angry, Then I forgave myself for not living at my capacity. And promised myself to start working towards my dream life.

Stark really hits hard. But this is a good thing :slight_smile: You need a kick in the ass sometimes.

Libertine with stark also give very profound dreams. Dreamt I was a millionaire playboy. Which all girls wanted.

Really looking forward to see where this goes. My guess is millionaire playboy that help people love themselves :smiley:


Have been running stark set and forget on speaker. While doing atleast one libertine loop a day.

Decided to make a new tinder and I don’t know but it feels so effortless to write to girls. It’s awesome also gottens tons of likes.

Really liking where this is going, I also feel a huge drive to truly make my purpose happen for the world.


Hey, you sure you wanna share the real pictures of the girls?

A lot of people are reading the journals here.

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True my bad thanks for telling me


No worries

great results by the way :slight_smile:

So today something very interesting happened. I had quite a unproductive day, Lack of sleep.

Had an amazing class with my clients. After I just wanted to rest . Started listening to stark, And somehow my distraction became my work. Like when you scroll to facebook. Instead I took up a tab and started designing content.

This has not happened much before or at all.

Also all girls are very receptive on tinder. And it feels so effortless. I was extremely good at text game 3 years ago. But completely lost it when I got into a relationship.

I really feel like i don’t need to pick a girl just because shes hot. I mean getitng tons of likes ocnstnatly at like 70 in 2 days now.


So today something very new happened, I had 6 hours of completely focused attention at work and felt amazing doing it.

Made tons of videos, Coached a person, Updated my members area.

If I can be this focused for atleast 4 hours a day I be a millionaire in no time :slight_smile:


Yes, please don’t do this. I understand people want proof, but I don’t want to get sued either. You may post the conversations with the name edited, tho.

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Been a bit inactive really been pushing to increase wealth and stuff. A few of the thing that happened.

Went out to a bar with libertine and got some iois. I also noticed the more attractive I find the girl. The higher the aura gets.

So if shes like my perfect 10 it’s stronger. And they become super feminine.

Also sent a voice message to a girl and she told me just my voice got her very attracted. This girl is super intrested n metting up. But got diagnosed exhaustion. So don’t know when she be able too.

Tiktok is growing fast which is awesome over 300 followers now in less than a month.

I’m also getting resistance, Like I lost alot of money so now I have to live cheaply for this month.

First it just made me furious like WTF THIS SHIT AGAIN. But now I also see it as a opportunity.

Also decided to change to Stark T instead of Q. Because the limiting beliefs I have about money are probably my deepest ones.

I had money problems most of my life. But NOT FOR LONG. With my spirit and this subliminal we gonna break that. And raise the financial Thermostat.

Ps for a long time I used my charm and had women pay for me and things.
Time to earn my own money though and change the world :slight_smile:

Also I just read about rest days. Any info on how to use those. Like play subs 5 days rest 2 or how does it work?


I’ve also noticed that the more aroused I get the stronger my aura becomes with libertine. Seems libertine also does work on making dry aspect of you sexier including voice.

For looping recommendations I’ll leave this link, it’s only for single titles so far and it seems you’re running a stack but until we get stack listening recommendations this is the best resource we have to know how to run programs at different strength levels here.


Oh awesome thank you :slight_smile:

Will do 2 t loops every other day. Along with 1 libertine too.


Welldone things can only get better

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