Libertine Ultima, some results


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

I decided to do an experiment and run Libertine Ultima every day whether or not I go out.

I’ve been doing this for 11 days in a row now.

Some women are getting so aroused around me, they are walking away. I’m serious. These women who walk away can’t talk in full sentences. (I think the longest sentence so far has been about 9 words.) They only use one or two sentences. They’ll often make these spastic breathy noises. It’s as though they are reacting to a combination of their favorite celebrity and prince charming. They seem to feel really excited, get tongue tied, and then slowly flee.

What am I saying or doing?

“I like how you’re wearing that sticker upside down so I can’t read it.”


“You’re spending a lot of time looking at the sodas. There are so many choices, aren’t there?”


“That ribbon in your hair is so blue, it give a whole new meaning to feeling blue.”

or then there is my absolute favorite…


I think the concept of infinite lust is great and it seems to be working. That is, it is definitely creating lusty feelings in women.

I would think that adding some other features might help so they can stay engaged in the interaction. I think we’ve all had times where we feel so excited about or attracted to someone we can’t talk or think, and then get nervous and “have to go”. Or maybe we’re so attracted to or excited about someone we can’t even approach them because we’re too nervous.

I think that is what is happening. Whereas men might have approach anxiety, I wonder if women are having “stay in the conversation” anxiety.

Now tbh, there are also women who have been VERY engaged, but these are women who have seen me on a number of occasions. One asked for my number and wanted to meet up with me. Another asked me out as she was about to get off work, and seemed almost in a panic to go out with me right then and there. Another woman (who usually seems to be emotionally disengaged when she talks with me) was really focused on me today. She kept talking and talking and talking. She was also standing in this way where she was on one leg with her opposite foot behind her calf and she was swinging her knee from her front to her side, making her thighs go in and out. She seemed to have really good balance to do something like that, too.

It’s the women I see for the first time that have that “stay in the conversation” anxiety. The women who I’ve seen 2 times or more, I think are much more comfortable with the arousal, which makes me think that some sort of connection or comfort feature added to Libertine Ultima might help. The women who have seen me 2+ times have a degree of comfort, connection, or familiarity with me, so they are more likely to stay engaged and interact. The ones who see me for the first time might be lacking that comfort, connection, or familiarity feeling, and I think they get aroused and nervous, and then slowly leave.


Pretty great stuff. What’s motivated you to come out of the shadows recently?

  • Did you notice anything about your behavior on days you didn’t go out?
  • Have you found Libertine to work remotely (texts/calls/video chats)?
  • Are you excited for the surprise? :stuck_out_tongue:


If it’s doing that, the next version might make them pass out.


So its clear that the more you run it the stronger it gets…


Do you guys run it during the night?


That last part is intriguing. Don’t know how true it is but I’ve heard somewhere before that one a woman is comfortable with you, by the 3rd time she has seen you she considers you a “friend” psychologically. Of course that sounds a little absurd that they consider you an actual friend, but a lot of women I’ve known on many levels definitely do display higher levels of comfort by their 3rd exposure to me, if I gave overt, or even subconscious signals that it’s cool to be themselves around me.


I don’t know.

Great question! The only thing I noticed is that I felt a bit restless emotionally, like I wanted to go out and do something.

Another great question! I did notice other people posting about texts, calls, and so forth. I’ve not noticed this effect.

Excited and at times a bit startled.


I have wondered that.


I am convinced of that.

I believe there is a booster effect when it is used. Just as it’s supposed to do.

I also think there is some sort of cumulative effect. So that each time I use it, it seems to be a bit stronger.

I also think there is a lingering effect. That is, each time I use it some of the effect seems to remain for a few days.

I also wonder if this effect that lingers also gets stronger so that if I use it 7 days in a row, by the 7th day, there is more of the effect lingering that there was on day 3.


I’ve only run it when I’m awake.


Any idea how long it takes to show effects?3hours ? 1hour?


This makes a lot of sense and seems to match with what I’ve been noticing.

Great insight!


I’ve been wondering about this. I think there was a recommendation by @SaintSovereign to run it a few hours before going out.

First, if I run it everyday, and if there is a lingering effect, then the effect is already there and running it again that day I think would boost what’s already there.

However, I do understand your question and tbh I don’t know how long it takes the effect of the most recent listening to show up as an effect.

How instant does the effect show up?

When does the booster effect peak?

How long does that peak last?

How long until the booster effect declines?

These would all be good questions to have answers to.

I think what I would also add is that I think it’s important to be doing other things besides Libertine Ultima. I don’t think Libertine Ultima is a quick fix for one’s sex or dating life.

I would encourage any man seeking a sexual partner, FWB, dates, etc. to also look at the store or design a subliminal for more sexiness AND self-improvement.

I know women like good looking men so that’s part of the reason I’m running EF and Serum X. I also got Physicality Shifter – Sexiness.

I know women like men who can carry a conversation so I have Instant Seducing Tactician.

I know women find powerful men a turn on so I also got Power Unleashed, Power Awareness, and Potentiator.

I know women like leadership so I have Leader of Men.

I’ll probably be listening to Primal Seduction at some point.

I also am listening to things for improving other areas of my life such as the Alchemist, Quantum Limitless, Energetic Development XI, Gratitude Embodiment, Inner Voice, Information Releaser, The Architect, The Merger of Worlds, Carpe Diem Ascended, ARES, Regeneration, The Flow, and Dream Traveler.

So I’m listening to more than just Libertine Ultima to have the kinds of interactions I want with women. I’m also building more of the kind of man I want to be and become.

The reason I’m able to point to Libertine Ultima for these results I posted is that I notice a very obvious difference in how women interact with me when I run it vs when I don’t.

It’s also possible that Libertine Ultima is working as well as it is for me because I’m running Energetic Development XI and The Architect. I wonder if these might be boosting the aura’s power, or aiding in any lingering or cumulative effect.


Well said…
I also believe one should do some sexual subs and major titles to ensure that libertine can boost the aura of what is there already just like how @Malkuth explain it in one of the threads.


Thanks @pacman!

I’d like to read that!

Could you or @Malkuth please point me to that thread via a link?


Hi @RVconsultant. The thread starts here:

Main Disc. Thread - Libertine Ultima

Some intuitive reflections on the nature of auras. Not really direct instructions.


Thank you very much!

I just read it! I appreciate the comments and insights!

It makes me think of accounts I’ve read of yogis who go into the wilderness to meditate. Eventually animals will start to surround them. All kinds of animals. Animals that might normally attack each other just lay down around the yogi who is meditating. Tigers. Cobras. Just rest there.