Libertine + StarkQ - A Change


Hi guys,

today I wanted to share my StarkQ and Libertine experience, and I gotta admit, that both are a great mix to become confident. More people started respecting me, and through my Emporer experience before, I’ve gained a leadership ability. I’ve been hitting the gym every second day (I never did that in my entire life lmao) and I feel more confident and stronger than ever before! Being productive became a maxime, which is why I even started studying math in my freetime.

Furthermore, women started noticing me more and I feel like being looked at when walking down the streets, tho my brain is just on productivity-mode, which is why I don’t really care about it.

However, I’ll keep updating and share my success with you.


Day 1: Alright, so I just drove to McDonalds because a friend of mine was a lil bit hungry, so I was in my car, waiting behind a woman who was in front of me. My friend noticed how she was looking back and starring at me. A big sign, innit?


Day 2: Just went to the supermarket to buy some stuff, while I noticed someone saying




Keep going!

What are your longer term goals?


I just wanna be successfull in life. :slight_smile:


I could go on with “define success” hahaha


So Entp of you


:joy: Yeah, and I don’t want to start a debate, but, success is different from people to people, to some of my friends it’s to become rich. Other people might want power, some might want to enter a spiritual journey, etc.


Sorry for answering late, uhm I just want to focus on gaining my qualifications and being the best at my University :slight_smile: Furthermore, I want to be charming and have charisma, and I also want to be productive.


Day 3: I kinda felt a lil bit angry because I’m not independet yet. However, there’s no news when it comes to libertine.


Yeah, let your mind adapt :slight_smile: looking forward to your growth!


thanks :slight_smile: what is your goal if I may ask?


Well, I’ve always wanted to be the popular kid, even tho I never really was. But in working hard toward my goal since the end of july, I’ve reconnected to my masculine edge and it gave me insane confidence.

My stack I was running was Stark, medici + SS, I want it all. Truth is, I can’t really have it all, you have to prioritize.

When I came back to school I realised that I didn’t cared about being the “popular guy” anymore. It’s not fulfilling… So, why am I running stark (I know there are more to stark than charisma and all haha) ? Also, I’m not in business and not meeting lots of people that have money or connections, so, why would I run Medici if I’m not necessarly in the best position to do it.

I’ve rethinked about it and my main focus for my long term benefit would be to run Emperor core as my main sub, to really build myself, integrate the new theory, be more masculine and connect with it. Productivity, dominance, masculinity, discipline, emotional strength. And add tons of healing.


Damn, I agree with that, EmporerQ + LimitlessQ (1 loop of beyond limitless afterwards) makes you extremely productive when it comes to studies, work etc. (I listened to EmporerQ for nearly 1 month) and damn, I gotta admin, it really gave me the productivity I was looking for.


Yeah, well, my custom will have Emperor Core + SS core, but I’ll add maybe one loop of limitless at night and of course in my custom I will put every productivity booster there is :+1:


Day 4: I was shocked by the amount of ppl - especially girls - looking at me when I was walking down the streets. That was pretty odd.


Day 5: So, I woke up having a lot of ppl messaging me on WhatsApp, without feeling the need of answering - which I do usually. It seems like StarkQ kinda gives you the feeling of focusing on yourself, without caring much about what others do or say. Furthermore, I noticed random ppl respecting me, for example: they get out of my way when I’m walking down the street. And this is very important: I get soooo many creative thoughts when listening to StarkQ, and I noticed how fluent I started to speak! When it comes to Libertine: it surely gives me a general high confidence.


Day 6: I noticed that I’m very calm and don’t worry too much about unlucky situations. Furthermore, I believe that I became a little arrogant, because I began looking down on unproductivity and it’s people.


Day 7: It’s been a week and I have to admit that I notice many differences. First, I became very productive and started hitting the gym every second day. I also started reading more books than I used to do before. Further, I have a winner mindset, who just wants to focus on his success and development. I also noticed that I became a nerd who just loves seeking knowledge - especially scientific topics. Thus, StarkQ doesn’t only make you popular and likeable, it also pushes you to the extend of your maximal potential, while Libertine on the other hand motivates you more and raises your confidence.

And my favorite highlight is, that StarkQ helps you focusing on yourself and not worrying too much about what others think about you. And because it pushes your productivity, you start hating everything that stops you from wasting your time.

So, if you wanna be that popular Jimmy Neutron, you should give it a try.



Would you consider yourself to be naturally masculine?