Libertine + StarkQ - A Change


Hi guys,

today I wanted to share my StarkQ and Libertine experience, and I gotta admit, that both are a great mix to become confident. More people started respecting me, and through my Emporer experience before, I’ve gained a leadership ability. I’ve been hitting the gym every second day (I never did that in my entire life lmao) and I feel more confident and stronger than ever before! Being productive became a maxime, which is why I even started studying math in my freetime.

Furthermore, women started noticing me more and I feel like being looked at when walking down the streets, tho my brain is just on productivity-mode, which is why I don’t really care about it.

However, I’ll keep updating and share my success with you.


Day 1: Alright, so I just drove to McDonalds because a friend of mine was a lil bit hungry, so I was in my car, waiting behind a woman who was in front of me. My friend noticed how she was looking back and starring at me. A big sign, innit?


Day 2: Just went to the supermarket to buy some stuff, while I noticed someone saying