Libertine Remastered is Now Available!


Title says it all. The script is the same, but the underlying embedded subliminal has been updated to New Dawn. The audio has been remixed and remastered to sound more aesthetically pleasing. As always, it’s a free update to those who have already purchased. Grab it from My Account --> Downloads.

Questions and comments here.


Is the updated version also strengthened?


Yes, the embedded subliminal has been upgraded to New Dawn.


Will beyond limitless also be updated


Great !!! :blush: i am stacking this with true social


Possibly. If time opens up.



I don’t have the updated version in my downloads yet :frowning:


Did you get it.?


It’s in everyone’s downloads, listed as “Libertine Remastered.” Everyone apparently is looking for “Libertine v2.” PM me if it’s still missing.


What is libertine useful for?
I didn’t really get it from description


It gives you a very strong sexual vibe. Women that are comfortable in their own skin and open to casual sex are likely to notice you for it. As are your dates if they’ve considered having sex after the date.

Plus, it affects how you feel about yourself, giving you a but of sexual confidence. You can please any woman in bed.

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Hi Thor it puts you in a sexual state before you head out on a date or if you are planning to meet women.


What about shy chics, who aren’t very casual about sex?
Cause I seem to get the casual one’s anyways


I found it works.well with all kinds of women.

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Imagine that I’m sitting in a bar, I see a girl (who is shy), I talk to her.
So you mean to say I have more chance of hooking up with that lady than any other dude who tries to hit on her?
And will it make my intension known to her without getting her creeped out?

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Tough one. I think it might be the other way around. Libertine will give off the vibe of someone that’s very comfortable and easygoing about sex. A girl that has things holding her back from being sexual would feel very uncomfortable around you. She would be unable to open up. In a way, it helps you to filter out those who weren’t going to come with you for sex anyway.

I may be wrong, of course.

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@Thor it creates a sexual aura around you which will make women notice you.


What Blackadder said. It’s conscious energy manipulation. Creates an sexually charged aura that sends off the signal that you’re a high value male with no sexual inhibitions.


Will it help me with the girls not so casual about sex?


Are you asking if you on Libertine will work as an aphrodisiac to women? I don’t know, actually. But it’s an intriguing idea. So far, I’ve considered superchargers to affect our own state rather than the state of others.

Although if your state is powerful enough and people deliberately choose to stay near you, they’ll probably be affected by it. That is a basic rule of social dynamics, the person highest in the hierarchy determines the direction of the group. But the girl would have to choose to stick around long enough to establish the rapport and shift her state to harmonize with yours.