Libertine questions


All I can say is: it’s not a Southern Belle :smirk:


Thanks! To both of you!

I suppose for the articulation in an induction, it would have to be the Proper English Girl, very sexy in her own right. Still, I would pay to have a Southern Belle record the same audio track and listen to them both. That sultry, sexy, dreamy accent…

Hold on, I’m getting Libertine effects here without listening. Time out for Darko! :slight_smile:


I am not sure i want to mix heavy scripts since i am already running KHAN. I think khan+sex mastery+libertine might be too heavy


I think all the sex you’ll be having as a result will keep you from running them. Chicken, meet egg.

On a more serious note, I believe AMASH runs Khan by itself, but charges up with one or more cycles of the other two only when needed/desired. Like before one of his great many dates. :slight_smile:



It’s Khan 99% of the time.


How long does being in the zone last


That is dependent on the person.