Libertine.... confused



Bought libertine, was quite hyped for it but I’m really confused.
I went through the hypnosis, the arousal part was quite “weak” so went through it a total of 3 times. After done, about an hour later I felt “normal”.

I’m just confused as to what this track is supposed to do and how it works?

Thank you!


There’s an included instruction manual that answers that question completely, but for your convenience, I’ll post it here:

Our Subliminal Superchargers are specialized audio programs designed to “supercharge” or enhance the results of the other subliminals you’re running.

Subliminal Superchargers attempt to cause changes in your ACTIVE STATE – that is, the state you’re feeling right now in this very moment, as opposed to traditional subliminals, which changes your behavior and thought processes over time. As a result, you will “feel” results from Superchargers much faster, although these effects tend to fade fairly quickly at first, as the active state generated by the Supercharger hasn’t been embedded into your subconscious.

Unlike our other product offerings, Subliminal Superchargers have an audible voice track that guides you through a meditative, imaginative session. Subliminal Superchargers also contain a specially built ultrasonic subliminal track that assists with achieving not only the target goal of the subliminal, but also the supercharger itself. Think of them as the lovechild of a guided meditation session, a self-hypnosis track with an underlying ultrasonic subliminal.

As you use the Supercharger more and more, your experiences in the active state will reinforce new programming in the subconscious, bringing out change much faster.

In other words, the effect multiplies over time. It’s unfair to expect huge results on day 1.


Wait, so, you have a hypnosis track to improve subliminal tracks. And then you have a subliminal track to improve Hypnosis track that improves subliminal tracks?

So meta. :smiley:


What we’ve created is a constant feedback loop of positive enforcement, affecting the subconscious from every direction — through the active state and the passive mind.