Let's start a trend!


Hey All!
For anyone running customs unable too edit their earlier posts.
Just put what your currently running in the ‘About Me’ section in your profile.
People will understand what your referencing without having to track it down and
this will streamline a lot of understanding and research. You’ll
never be asked ‘what’s in that again’ ?!

Just putting it out there for those who would want to do it.

Have an amazing New Year’s everyone. Here’s (virtual toast) to a 2021 of absolutely crushing our goals, fulfilling our potential and deepest desires, and advancing human potential



What’s in your custom again @Azriel???


Thats sounds inviting!!

Check my “about me” tell me how it looks


This is a great idea! Good call :slight_smile:


your profile still hidden :joy:
PM DP or RV maybe for assistance with that


You know where to find it :wink:


Really? I will look into it.


@Azriel what about now? Can you see my profile?


Hey yo, I can see your profile without any issues man.



Your good!


Is mine good?
I’ll be posting my custom soon.




Thanks man! Needed to know how it looks from someone else’s view.
My gif is kickass.


@Brandon Looks like Fairuza Balk from The Craft


It’s exactly her, I love the film and witchcraft is my thing.


I earned the autobiographer badge. The year can‘t get any better.


Same, what a way to ring in the new year?!